Custom Shipping and Insurance – Support your decision with proper reasons

01 May

Support your decision with proper reasons.

Support your decision with proper reasons.

Custom Shipping and Insurance

1. During a voyage a ship was nearing a port. However, it started tilting due to some technical issues. Captain has decided to throw some cargo from the top deck to reach the port safely. Under which clause of Marine policy, a captain of a ship throws some goods into the sea to reduce the weight of ship and save the other cargo and how this loss is compensated to the people who lost the cargo.

2. A cargo ship has arrived in Mumbai Port and completed the unloading and loading process of cargo. Customs officials got a tip off that the ship was carrying some contraband goods. Customs rushed to the ship with the entire team to search the ship. The captain refused to allow them to enter as they don’t have right to do so. However Indian customs barged into the ship and broke open various rooms and confiscated the contraband goods. Under which section of the Customs Act 1962 the customs officers have the power to stop and search the conveyances?

3. Your company has imported one consignment by sea. The seaport is 80 km away from your office. You are heading the import export dept and has to clear this. You have limited manpower to handle the dept.

a. What would be your proposal to the management to clear this. i.e. whether to do self clearance through your staff or outsource to a customs broker (erstwhile customs clearing agent).

b. Support your decision with proper reasons.




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