Customer Relationship Management

27 Jun


One client of mine when and first began my assignment with them, insisted they already had CRM which of course was a little perplexing because I had to wonder why, then, did they here me? In the course of my initial work and went to spend time at one of their retail stores. While I was there, the store manager showed retail stores. While I was there, the store manager showed me this big paper mass with records of customers transactions, mostly orders, that was sitting in a gargantuan binder and was told that this was their `CRM’ method.

It tooks months to overcome their existing definition or method of CRM, so they could understand what I was talking about. I have to explain them in detail about traditional CRM first, then how the version changed from CRM to CMR, about social CRM, differences between traditional CRM and social CRM.

What do you think about traditional CRM, version changed from CRM to CMR, about social CRM, comment and explain in detail differences between traditional CRM and Social CRM.



Traditional business models are rapidly losing their oomph. The kind of business organization that sees itself as a producer / distributor of products or a service provider and then sees its return based strictly on products or services sold, is becoming the coclacanth of the 21st Century – a weired looking specimen in a fossilized state.

While the industry has been a great lab for a New Business Model, it is gaining credence throughout multiple sectors, far beyond the limit. This model is intermeshed with contemporary social CRM and Customer engagement strategies. These are some distinct characteristics that define this model.

What do you think about the characteristics and the impact of the model explain in detail.



Vinayak is newly appointed in FMCG Co name ITC Liver as a Customer Relation Manager.

He introduced a new theory named “Social Media” as a customer engagement strategies and it was splendidly well.

Do you have any idea how many ways social media fits into customer engagement strategies, explain in detail.



These are different sets of expectations when a customer complains as opposed to when they request something, and each of them has to be handled. But if you handle them well, whether they are complaints or simply queries, and you provide a customer service that can exceed expectations – which are low to begin with there is a distinct benefit.

In 2009 J D Power and Associates did their annual ranking, published in Business Week of customer service champ by using new model.

Can you explain in detail Tenets and principles of the New Model.

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