E-Commerce Management

29 Jun


Mrs Geeta Kapoor is a middle aged lady, who is very fond of shopping. Uptill now she always used the traditional methods of shopping. But one day her shopping activity can stuck up due to unprecedented rains, that is when her neice brought up the idea of internet shopping. Mrs Kapoor felt that while internet e-commerce might be a very attractive facility to many customers, it does not solve all shopping problems for her.


1) What do you feel are the reasons for Mrs Kapoor above statement?

2) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of ordering the products online.

3) Use the Web site Evaluation Model and evaluate a couple of Web sites. Compare the results of the two evaluations.

4) Compute an overall score to each of the sites along with reasons.



Mr Laxman Shastri is a master in the commerce field and over the period he has acquired a lot of computer literacy as he feels that the definition of E-Commerce putforward as “Electronic Commerce is commerce enabled by internet era technologies” is very true.

But still a number or lot of concepts have to be understood along with the nature of the internet.


1) Explain packet switching

2) How does packet switching differ from a switched network.

3) Draw a simple diagram of hardware, network and software facilities utilized when an e-shop is accessed from a home PC.

4) List the facilities available on the web.



The recent introduction of EDI into Leroy Merlin, one of the larger DIY retailers in the French market. The French DIY sector is fragmented with a few medium size chains and many independent operators. This contrast with the UK DIY sector which is dominated by a few large operators all of which have operational EDI Systems. The use of EDI by Leroy Merlin will no doubt be emulated by the other players of comparable size but it seems likely to contribute to continue the rationalization that is taking place in this sector in France.


1) For each stage of the business trade cycle, list the stage specific advantages and disadvantages of using EDI.

2) What problems might be encountered in the above case with the implementation of EDI?

3) EDI is typically applied to trade exchanges, orders, invoices etc but it can also be used for non-trade purposes. Suggest how EDI might be used in this case?

4) Suggest any instances where a mature EDI supply chain can facilitate a change in the nature of the product of service.



Mr. Apte is retired manager from a multinational company. He worked in the Audit department of the company. He has all his life done a great hard work. After the system in the company became computerized he adapted himself to the computerized environment. But still he does not feel comfortable with e-banking services and always feels that the old system was only better.


1) Explain the reasons for Mr Apte holding the above views.

2) Explain what you mean by Internet banking?

3) What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of E-Banking?

4) How can the problems in Internet banking be resolved?

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