Environment Management

04 Jul

1. Explain the scope of environmental engineering

2. Compare the various types of energy with respect to its suitability for Indian Conditions.

3. Explain the role of producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystem.

4. Compare and contrast natural ecosystem with agro ecosystem.

5. Is biotechnology a threat to biodiversity? Substantiate your answer with examples?

6. Discuss the status of Disaster Preparedness in India

7. Explain the working of the following air pollution control equipments mentioning their advantages, disadvantages and applications.

i. Cyclone separator

ii. Fabric Filter

iii. Electrostatic precipitator

iv. Wet Collector (scrubber)

8. Explain the phenomenon of global warming and the factors contributing to it.

9. What are the major issues on Energy Utilization in Urban Planning.

10. Discuss the salient features of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN.

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