HR Audit – A brief note on the steps you will take to audit the company.

02 May

A brief note on the steps you will take to audit the company.

A brief note on the steps you will take to audit the company.

HR Audit

1. CottonCo is a manufacturing company with offices across India. They have well defined HR policies and an active HR team. They regularly conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey to assess the level of employee motivation. Last 3 years saw the satisfaction scores go down. One key area of disconnect was found to be the compensation and benefits area. Your firm has been appointed to Audit the Compensation and Benefits provided and suggest appropriate steps. What steps will you follow to do a compensation and benefits audit of the company?

2. Patel Enterprises is in the business of Electrical motors. They had recently tied-up with a Japanese company to supply motors to them. When the Chairman, Mr. Patel, visited the Japanese company factory, he was very inspired by his Japanese client’s practices. He then decided to go in for a Business excellence model, which would help the business use a structured approach to total quality and excellence, to achieve sustainable business growth. The Chairman is keen to include the HR department as part of this excellence journey and has appointed your company to help him with this. Your company has recommended the creation of a HR scorecard. To help the Chairman understand this concept, you need to share a note. Give a detailed note on what the HR Scorecard is, as well as the inputs that go into creating the scorecard and the steps to create the scorecard.

3. Polestar Finance is a fin-tech company started by a seasoned entrepreneur. The company has seen rapid growth into a well-established organization. The founders have set a clear strategy and the same has been shared with all the employees. The company hired an external Human Resources consultant who then redefined the policies to keep them in line with the overall business strategy. A recent satisfaction survey showed that the employees felt that there was a big difference between the aim of the policy and the actual implementation.

The current HR team was set up at the start of the company’s operations and has efficiently managed the basic HR processes so far. However, they are now finding it difficult to handle the new processes that the consultant has put in. The CEO has hired your firm to conduct a HR audit. To present to the CEO:

a. Detail out the Levels of HR Audit you will focus on as well including the reasons for the same.

b. A brief note on the steps you will take to audit the company.




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