Management Control Systems

27 Jun

1. Consider a Retail Outlet. What should be the objectives of Management Control system for the retail outlet? Examples would strengthen your views.

2. Explain the Just-in-time and total quality management techniques of control. Also, elaborate the implication of these techniques for management control.

3. Describe the need for MIS in a business organization focusing on Management Control System. Also explain the important considerations in designing Management Information System (M l S) for the purpose of Management Control.

4. Explain how by designing an appropriate Management Control System, the different types of risks faced by the banks can be tackled.

5. Describe and illustrate significance of human behavior patterns in management control.

6. Define Transfer pricing. Describe the various transfer pricing methods in detail.

7. Differences and similarities between Management Control and Task Control.

8. Give impact of Internet on Management Control.

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