Management Theory and Practice – Suggest solutions to Raj to handle various problems that exist in the organisation

04 Feb

Management Theory and Practice

Raj is working as a consultant in an MNC M/s Swadeshi ltd. that deals with Fast Moving Consumer Products. Raj has been appointed by the directors of the organisation. The company wants Raj to take care of a few problematic areas that the company is facing currently. The following issues are being faced by the organisation:

a) Excessive internal communication – The Company has opened multiple channels of communication for its employees. They can communicate with each other via Email, Whatsapp for Business, Internal Messenger, SMS, etc. The same message gets posted on multiple platforms and in the process the employees waste lots of time in checking notifications and then replying.

b) The employees are involved in taking lots of print outs for all the documents even if it’s not required. This is adding a lot of cost and it has an adverse environmental impact.

c) The employees believe in individual achievement and growth but lack the quality of working in a team. The coordination among employees from various departments is missing.

d) There are some employees who are reporting to two or three bosses and it leads lot of chaos in work completion.

e) The employees have this habit of ordering every organisational requirement two months in advance. This adds to a lot of cost of holding inventory.

1. Suggest solutions to Raj to handle various problems that exist in the organisation.

2. M/s Swadeshi Ltd is facing an issue of non-motivated employees. There is no motivation among employees to work, no one takes initiatives. Employees feel that their work never gets recognised and rewarded. Explain various ways to motivate the employees of the organisation.

3. a. Explain the change management process that M/s Swadeshi Ltd should follow to improve the functioning of the organisation.

3. b. An autocratic leader at the top makes employees feel unsecured. The CEO never consults the team for taking decisions. Explain with reason, the leadership style that will be suitable for M/s Swadeshi Limited.

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