Marketing Management

27 Jun

Answer the following question.

Q1. What are the various types of Brand Extensions. Explain with necessary examples wherever required.

Q2. Bring out the utility & quality aspects of packaging. Quote examples as appropriate.

Q3. A New brand of a ‘Tyre-that-Never-punctures’ is to be launched in India by a multinational company with your advice about concept – testing and test marketing Justify your contention.

Q4. R.K.Industries Ltd., intends to launch a new folding exercise cycle in Indian market. As a marketing manager which steps would you like to take while launching this product? How will you conduct the test marketing for this product. Make necessary Assumptions and justify your answer.

Q5. Explain Warehousing and Inventory Decisions.

Q6. What is Branding?

Q7. What is Inventory Management?

Q8. Explain e-marketing.

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