07 Sep


1. In your current occupation, describe the top 5 abilities that help you perform your role effectively. Based on your analysis, justify with appropriate examples, why the abilities of an employee should match the job requirement.

2. Is perception management applicable in current times when we are working from home virtually and not interacting personally with our coworkers and managers? Rationalize your opinion with steps and measures that help you manage the process.

3. Nikita is a Change Manager with Nelson & Murdock. In the view of the way the business landscape is evolving with more reliance on technology, she intends to bring about many new initiatives which require employees to unlearn certain aspects and learn many new approaches. Many learning theories have been prevalent which organizations use from time to time.

a. If employees need to learn certain model behaviors demonstrated by leaders, which learning theory should Nikita select for faster results?

b. How does learning through reinforcement bring about behavior modification in employees?


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