Operations Management

15 Sep

Operations Management

1. What is the need of a good facility layout planning? Select any automotive company of your choice, and do a detailed study of its facility layout.

2. Discuss the transportation methods for solving physical distribution and transportation problems. Solve the following Transportation Problem and find the total transportation Cost.

Plants /Warehouses W1 W2 W3 Supply
P1 33 26 24 550
P2 21 28 31 350
P3 25 24 29 600
Demand 400 600 500  

3. In October 2005, Walmart announced plans to transform itself into one of the greenest corporations in the world. Then-CEO Lee Scott called sustainability “essential to our future success as a retailer.” The company has been especially vocal about shrinking its environmental footprint in China, its manufacturing hub.

(Source: Andy Kroll, Are Walmart’s Chinese Factories as Bad as Apple’s? Mother Jones, March/April2012 issue)

a. Discuss the major environmental aspects of production and its impact

b. What is environment protection act and how is it related to sustainability.

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