Principles and Practices of Management

02 Jul

Section A

I Answer all questions:-

1. Define System of Authority.

2. What is Operational Planning?

3. Explain the Concept of Motivation?

4. Define MIS.

5. Difference between Individual & Group.

Section B

II Answer all questions:-

1.What are four essential components of a System?

2. What are the disadvantages of control through Costing?

3. What are Grouping Principles?

4. Explain the theories of Organizational Conflicts?

5. Mention any twelve Characteristics of Management?

Section C

III Answer All questions:-

1. Explain in Detail “Management – A Profession”.

2. What are the major contributions of Objective?

3. Explain Organization Dynamics – Closed & Open System.

4. What are the methods of Performance Appraisal?

5. Explain Break-Even Analysis?

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