Production Executive at a manufacturing company

26 Sep

Performance Management System


1. Jagruti Electric Motors is a startup company and has just introduced Two-wheeler electric scooters in India. The marketing team consists of 10 employees. You lead the marketing team and you need to prepare four Team goals that the marketing team needs to focus on. Use the concept of SMART goals while preparing the Team goals.

2. “Forever Young” is a women’s premium brand dealing with women’s apparel, shoes, bags and other accessories. The brand has a pan-India presence in malls and online shopping. It has plans of launching globally starting with South East Asian countries. Prepare a Balanced Scorecard for “Forever Young” covering one goal each in Financial, Customer, Business Process and Learning & Growth quadrant.

3. Using ‘’cost effectiveness’’ as the theme, prepare two SMART each for the following profiles:

a. Production Executive at a manufacturing company

b. Dispatch Executive at a Logistics company


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