Retail Management

03 Jul

Q.1) What is the purpose of developing a formal retail strategy? How would a strategic plan be used by a college book store?

Q.2) Do you believe that customer service in retailing is improving or declaring, if yes, why and if no why?

Q.3) What are the expected and augmented value chain elements for the following retailers.

a) Fast food restaurants

b) Motel

c) Local pharmacy

Q.4) What do you understand by service retailing. Explain the unique aspects of service retailing with suitable examples.

Q.5) Explain the wheel of retailing. Is this theory applicable in today’s context. Why or why not? Q.6) Compare a single channel and a multi-channel retailing. State the advantages and Dis-advantages also.

Q.7) a) Explain non-store retailing with example

b) Explain the 30 days rule for direct marketers.

Q.8) Explain the characteristics of retail training methods?

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