Sales Management – Do its arrangements with US companies help in Product development

30 Apr

Do its arrangements with US companies help in Product development?

Sales Management

1. The management of ABC & Co. is losing sales due to superior product offerings by their competitors’.

Please help the management of ABC & Co. to change their Product Policy and Product offerings you may give illustrations for the same.

2. Trained Man Power is an important aspect for sales growth, how does a company recruit the right sales Personnel and trains them to meet their objectives.

3. CASE STUDY – Cipla

Cipla is one of the biggest manufactures of bulk drugs and formulations.

The company has introduced several formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It commissioned the second phase of its manufacturing operations in Goa and has entered into a research alliance for biopharmaceutical products with a Bangalore=based biotech company This makes it one of the leading Pharma companies of India

Cipla exports a wide range of APIs and formulations to over 150 countries. Cipla has entered into new arrangements with leading US generic companies for the supply of a wide range of finished dosage formulations. They have obtained approvals from USFDA, MHRA of UK, PIC of Germany and WHO, for most of their drugs. Its overall profitability was due to the optimisation of resources and implementation of rigorous cost control measure.

Cipla focuses on technological excellence and innovation to improve its performance both in domestic and international market. The company has already accepted the growing importance of strategic alliances for research, manufacture and marketing, in the changing business environment.

a. Outline the Strengths of Cipla in having a competitive edge in the International market.

b. Do its arrangements with US companies help in Product development?

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