Strategic HRM

14 Aug

1. IT companies are yet again facing uncertainty over global crises. This time it is driven by protectionist policies of countries who are their major customers. While the industry had built additional capacities in anticipation of growth from various geographies, the changed circumstances have forced them to re-look at their Business strategy. Your company, as part of their strategy to deal with this change has decided to rely more on technologies that facilitate remote operations and Artificial Intelligence there by reducing the need to travel. This means that new skill sets will be required. However, keeping in mind the business uncertainty it was decided that a strategic Downsizing shall be undertaken. You are made responsible and are required to complete the activity in the next 3 months. The management needs you to make a presentation detailing the plan and the thought behind.

2. Spice Jet is currently experiencing a major turnaround in its fortunes, largely due to the Top Management leadership. As part of its strategy to increase revenue per passenger in its international flights, it has taken a cost leadership approach. You are the head of HR, discuss your options and plans for integrating the HR strategy with corporate strategy.

3. Trinity Restaurants is a growing chain of fine dining restaurants. The Business is such that not just the food quality, but the customer experience is of paramount importance.

a. You realized that there needs to be more structured training on various subjects for the employees. How will you justify the time, effort and cost to the management to get them to agree to your plan.

b. Discuss the strategic issues of:

i. Skills Development

ii. Employee Turnover &

iii. Safe Working Culture. On industrial relations.

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