Writing strategies for social media for Protek

19 Jan

Business Communication

1. According to Avani, a new age PR consultant, emails are obsolete and she thinks no one pays heed to email messages anymore. However, her seniors still support connecting with customers through emails as it still is the primary medium of business communication. Avani decides to explore skills of emailing effectively and goes through the three-step process for emailing – Planning, writing and completing email messages. Please elaborate on the three steps mentioned above.

2. After completing his MBA from one of the reputed institutes Rakesh interned with a market leader in Consumer Products company. He was offered a job as a junior manager on completion of his internship with the same organization. Now, after almost 1.5 years with the same organization as an assistant manager, he realized that he could have had better growth opportunities in other organizations. Hence, he wants to start exploring his options. However, since he never had to indulge in active job seeking, he feels a little lost and approaches a senior friend with some potential employers. Imagining you are his senior friend, please elaborate on some tips for translating general potential into presenting as skills for the employees.

3. Protek Manufactures has been a market leader in paper products for almost 55 years. While they have captured most of the market in West and South India, they still think that reaching out through new media is missing out in their marketing plan. They decide to explore social media for more innovative ways of reaching to their existing and new customers. Please discuss following points in light of the case.

a. Writing strategies for social media for Protek.

b. Various social networks that will help Protek to reach to different set of audience.

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