Advanced Supply Chain Management June 2018 Assignment

29 Mar

Advanced Supply Chain Management

1. You are required to design a distribution network for a large e-Retailing company which deals with home appliances. Customers normally place a single order for different appliances of different brand. What distribution network do you think will be most suitable? What will be the benefit and drawback if any?

2. You have successfully implemented supply chain strategy and distribution network. Now how will you measure the performance of the supply chain strategy to know how well it has impacted the organizations?

3. You are responsible for Inventory management in your organization. Investment in inventory is one of the largest assets of any business and is difficult to manage if it involves multiple items that are located at multiple points.

a. What are the various inventory related costs and how will you calculate them?

b. What steps will you take for efficient management of multiple-items, multiple-location inventory?

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