Consumer Behavior

27 Jun

1. Kellogg launched cornflakes as a breakfast food in Indian market, they were not able to penetrate the Indian market effectively, explain what could be the main reason for not able to penetrate Indian breakfast segment effectively, and they made certain changes in product positioning, what are the changes incorporated by them.

2. One of the European company engaged in the manufacture of highly specialized artificial nose (Electronic Smell Sensor), which has varied application in various industries, however they are planning to find out the market opportunity for their product in the food segment in India. Prepare a detailed questionnaire keeping in mind food Industry in mind (Example – Fast food chains to identify quality of the food etc.).

3. An International company that is very well-known for Perfume brands in both the categories of men and women. The company has their own manufacturing unit and marketing team.

a. Discuss the market entry strategy from the point of Indian culture.

b. Make steps you will consider pre-launch- explain each step logically.

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