Corporate Finance

27 Jun

Question 1

TATA Steels is looking forward for entering into a joint venture with United States Steel Corporation in USA. The company is planning to access funds from the international market. Discuss

  • Meaning of the overseas sources of finance
  • Why the company wants to raise fund from international market?
  • Methods which can be employed by the company to raise fund from the international market.
  • Is it advisable that company should go for Sourcing equity globally?


Question 2

LIMBDI Ltd started a chain of hotels with “profit maximization” as the basic financial objective and TEBDI Ltd started with a portfolio management company with the basic objective as “wealth maximization”. In light of the relevant concepts of financial management give your opinion on “which company will surely survive in long run” and why?


Question 3

Kabra Motors is considering a proposal to install new machine. The initial capital outflow will be 15 lacs. The expected cost of capital is 12 %. The expected cash inflows from the operations will be as under –

Year Cash inflows
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 5
5 5


a) Calculate the NPV of the proposal. And give your opinion whether to accept or reject the proposal.

b) Calculate the profitability index and give your opinion whether to accept or reject the proposal.

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