Devising compensation strategy for Sales Force

13 Sep

Compensation & Benefits

1. Should an employee’s pay package be entirely linked to performance? If yes, why? If No, Why?

2. You are the ‘’Compensation Lead’’ of ABC Ltd., a BPO centre for an airline, having 500 employees. The majority of these employees are Gen Y or millennial. The management wants to use indirect compensation as a strategy to retain their employees. What would be your recommendation?

3. Foodomania Ltd. Started operations in 2014. In 3 years they have established their brand and are a profitable organization. They have a sales force of 80 sales employees and 25 Management employees. They want to increase the sales force to 300 employees and Management team to 50 employees. You have been appointed to device a new compensation structure to meet the growing employee strength. What are the points you will consider when

a. Devising a compensation strategy for Top Management

b. Devising compensation strategy for Sales Force

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