Marketing of Financial Services

27 Jun

Q 1) Design a Digital Marketing campaign for a Financial Services company of your choice.

Q 2) Develop a Public Relations campaign for IRDA to create awareness about Life Insurance sector and to educate policyholders about their rights.

Q 3) Ashwin Advani, aged 32 years, working with an IT company, has approached you for preparing his Financial Plan. He earns salary of Rs. 15 lakh per annum. His wife Kiran, aged 30 years, is a homemaker. They have one son Kabir, aged 3 years. (You can make any assumptions to further build up your case.)

a. Ashwin has expressed his desire to retire by the age of 55. Design a retirement plan for him.

b. Ashwin and Kiran want to start investing for Kabirs higher education and marriage. Develop an investment strategy to help them achieve their goals.

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