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Business Communication & Etiquette

1. How has communication transformed with the use of technology? Share any 2 technological tools you use for efficient communication and how they have helped you contribute more effectively in your organization.

2. Communications audit is a snapshot of an organization’s communication strategies, activities and programs. Provide your opinion on the statement by elaborating on its process and outcome.

3. You have been invited as the Joint Secretary of the Parents Teachers Association to celebrate Teachers Day at your child’s school. Since you are a counsellor, you also have to give the key note address for the event. Your child studies at a reputed school which has a legacy of 25 years. Most of the teachers are very senior with vast experience. The school is modern in its outlook towards extra-curricular activities but conventional as well when it concerns academics At the lunch, you would have the chance to interact with the management, trustees and teachers. You wish to make a great first impression that lasts and also seem confident while addressing such an elite audience.

a. Apart from preparing the speech, you believe your appearance will make or break the deal. What will you keep in mind while choosing your dress, accessories and make up for the event?

b. While meeting and greeting all the dignitaries, how will you conduct yourself when you are introducing yourself with an objective to build rapport with them?

MBA Assignment Solutions | Project Report & Thesis

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Business Economics

1. Calculate the following:

Quantity Total Fixed Cost Total Variable Cost Total Cost Average Cost Marginal Cost
25 10 18 ? ? ?
26 10 10 ? ? ?
27 10 21 ? ? ?

Analyse the changes in the calculated costs as quantity produced increases.

2. Assume that a consumer consumes two commodities X and Y and makes five combinations for the two commodities:

Combination Units of X Units of Y
A 25 3
B 20 5
C 16 10
D 13 18
E 11 28

Calculate Marginal rate of Substitution and explain the answer.

3. a) Suppose the monthly income of an individual increases from Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 which increases his demand for clothes from 40 units to 50 units. Calculate the income elasticity of demand and interpret the result.

3. b) Quantity demanded for tea has increased from 300 to 450 units with an increase in the price of the coffee powder from Rs 25 to Rs 30. Calculate the cross elasticity of demand between tea and coffee and explain the relationship between the goods.

MBA Assignment Solutions | Project Report & Thesis

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Roughly 20 pieces of clothing per person are manufactured each year. Growth of the multi-trillion-dollar apparel industry has been fed by “fast fashion,” which makes clothing cheaply and quickly with a low price-tag. Fast-changing trends and low prices have allowed people to consume more. The average consumer is now purchasing 60 percent more items of clothing compared to 2000 Cotton is the most common natural fibre used to make clothing, accounting for about 33 percent of all fibres found in textiles. Cotton is also a very thirsty crop, requiring 2,700 liters of water—what one person drinks in two-and-a-half years—to make one cotton shirt. In areas already facing water stress, cotton production can be particularly damaging. In Central Asia, for instance, the Aral Sea has nearly disappeared because cotton farmers draw excessively from the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers. Cotton farming is also responsible for 24 percent of insecticides and 11 percent of pesticides despite using about 3 percent of the world’s arable land.

The carbon footprint of a garment largely depends on the material. While synthetic fibres like polyester have less impact on water and land than grown materials like cotton, they emit more greenhouse gasses per kilogram.* (Source, National Geographic & WRI)

M/s Fine Fabrics Ltd, a listed company, manufactures cotton fabric and its multiple blended variants as per customer/client demands. Customers/clients include fashion houses, designers and large clothing manufacturers across Asia & Europe. You are the Head of CSR with the company.

Q1. As Head of CSR you have been asked to come up with a detailed plan to sensitize your employees on water as a critical resource and also initiate setting up of an innovation driven cell/campaign for saving water. Design and develop a strategic plan/roadmap involving sensitization of 100+ employees as well as setting up of the Water innovation cell/campaign with SMART goals/outcomes for M/s Fine Fabrics Ltd. Please be very specific and relevant to the company.

Q2. Your company is committed to protect, respect and remedy Framework of UN Principles on Business and Human Rights. The Head of manufacturing at M/s Fine fabrics Ltd wants to partner with the supply chain in generating similar Human Rights commitments across their businesses, which are mostly midsized. He wants your guidance on how to convince these vendors to buy in into this voluntarily. Develop a business case and a broad plan that your Head Manufacturing can use to convince the vendor businesses to come on board and adopt UN Principles for Businesses & Human Rights.

Q3A. Carbon Offset is one mechanism used to reduce the carbon footprints of a business. Suggest to your CEO at Fine Fabrics Ltd two concrete ways in which Fine Fabrics can reduce its carbon footprints, develop a convincing business benefit argument around each of the suggestion.

Q3B. An NGO has approached the CEO of M/s Fine Fabrics Ltd requesting funding for a project on cotton fabric based Traditional Crafts making workshop for girls & women from weaker socio economic background. Your company falls under the criteria of 2% spend on CSR as per Companies Act 2013. Your CEO thinks this project can be funded but wants you to do the due diligence of the NGO. Prepare a questionnaire with at least 5/five questions that you think your company should ask and receive answers to before agreeing to fund the project/ partner in the project.

MBA Assignment Solutions | Project Report & Thesis

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Information Systems for Managers

1. PantMax Retail, through its subsidiaries, operates approximately 1000 departmental stores pan India. These stores hold a variety of merchandise including adult and children apparel, cosmetics, accessories, home furnishing etc. The management feels in order to increase their sales, PantMax needs to tailor its merchandise more to the local tastes, colors, sizes, brands which should be according to the sales pattern in each of the PantMax stores. For example, the stores in Mumbai might stock clothing in smaller sizes and brighter colors than those in Chennai, or the stores in Delhi may stock more makeup shades to attract trendier shoppers. How will information systems help PantMax implement this new strategy? Is this a suitable choice for the management to implement?

2. The goal of service companies is to develop services that attract, keep customers satisfied, loyal and speak well of them. They use information and communication technology to get closer to the customer, create long-term relationships, and gain more knowledge from and about the customers to serve them better. As a major element of business strategy, firms are embracing CRM, because technological applications permit precise segmentation, profiling and targeting of customers. To deal with competitive pressures a customer-centric culture is required. The airline industry is no exception to this. Give an example of how an airline company has successfully implemented CRM to increase their profits and keep customers happy.

3. In June 2017, a new cyber virus spread from Ukraine to wreak havoc around the globe, crippling thousands of computers. FedEx Corp, package delivery company, said its fiscal 2018 results would be hurt due to disruption of operations following a cyber-attack last month. It is still experiencing widespread service delays following the attack. It was unable to estimate when services at the unit would be fully restored. It experienced loss of revenue due to decreased volumes, incremental costs from contingency plans and remediation of affected systems. Share prices of FedEx dropped after this incident.

a) What are the different forms of system attacks? What steps should FedEx follow to handle a virus attack of such magnitude?

b) What is a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)? Should cyber security be a part of the BCP? What lessons should FedEx learn from this incident?

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Management Theory and Practice

Q 1. A large e-commerce company has recently broken off talks for a potential sale. The company has had infusion of fresh funds through a sale. Encouraged by the development; the company is now looking to restructure themselves. You are required to discuss various approaches to Organization Structure and suggest an appropriate approach with reasoning.

Q 2. As the Manager HR in the company currently in a downturn, you realize that managers took bolder decisions when things were better. You are required to study the decision making pattern and suggest to the management an approach that could facilitate effective decision making at tough times like these.

Q 3. As the Chief Mentor and Coach of the company you are required to mentor and coach the High performers of the company as part of their success plan.

a. Explain the difference between a manager and a leader. Explain with examples the different types of leaderships (minimum 2 styles).

b. Explain any one of the Traditional motivational models and give them examples to discuss.

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Organisational Behaviour

Question 1: Leadership is said to be a vital quality which is becoming very rare in the organisations. It would not be wrong if we say that it is a progression where an individual solicits the backing of other entities for the completion of mutual objectives. The leaders are the visionaries and also act as a catalyst in terms of influencing and inspiring others. Based on the above statements discuss the significance of leadership in any organisation. Conclude by answering that how the organisation would fare if leadership is not right?

Question 2: Politics is said to be an inevitable evil at any workplace, no matter how much one tries to be away from it, would always find to be embroiled in it. It is a proven fact that politics cannot be avoided at any cost but has to be coped. It becomes imperative to be well aware of the elements contributing to politics at workplace. Keeping in view the above statements introduce the concept of workplace politics. Also, list factors contributing to workplace politics. Give concluding remarks on the importance of workplace politics.

Question 3: Sanjay and Sam are co-workers. They both are working in the same project but their work values are quite contrast to each other. Sanjay belongs to GenX (The X Generation) and relies a lot on the team-work as well as its (team’s) upliftment, whereas Sam is from GenY (The Y Generation) or the Millennial and for him self-reliance is more important. Though they share a great personal rapport but they always find dissonance at work.

a) Explain the reason for their dissonance? It is natural to have such dissonance, give concluding remarks for the same.

b) Introduce the value system of your generation. Discuss the rest of the generations and their values?

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Business Law

1. ‘A’ orders a phone online as Cash on Delivery mode, but denies to accept the product at the time of delivery. In such a situation, discuss the eligibility points of becoming an Unpaid Seller? Discuss the privileges of unpaid seller when the property in goods is transferred to the buyer.

2. A booked a flat in Sunpark Apartment at Mumbai. ‘A’ is ready to shift with his family in the flat which he has purchased. However, B has the possession of that flat where he specifies that he has purchased this flat. To avoid the dispute and conflicts, ‘A’ files an RTI to seek proper information. Explain the objective as well as structures involved in Right to information.

3. A) ‘X’ contracts with ‘Y’ to purchase 30 chairs of a particular brand called make and type. ‘Y’ delivers 15 chairs of that quality and 15 chairs of some other make and quality brand. In what way we can advice ‘X’.

3. B) ‘P’ delivers to ‘Q’, a carrier, some explosives without informing the same to ‘Q’. no additional care is taken by ‘Q’ for handling such goods. In the absence of the disclosure, the explosives explode and cause damage to the other goods and also injure a person. Whether ‘P’ is liable?

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Business Statistics

1. The sample data from a research survey conducted in various countries on the amount of time 3-5 year-old children spent alone with their fathers each day is as follows:

Country Time with Dad (minutes)
Bangladesh 30
Bhutan 46
China 54
Nepal 50
Pakistan 46
Nigeria 42
Korea 46
Russia 42
India 50

For the above sample, determine the following measures:

a. The mean

b. The standard deviation

c. The mode

d. The 75th percentile

Based on your calculations comment on the father-children relationship.

2. ‘Prince’ a chaiwala at Mumbai Central station believes that the sales of tea at his tea shop depends upon the weather. He has taken a sample of a week’s data. Below you are given the results of the sample.

Cups Sold Temperature
350 50
200 60
210 70
100 80
80 90
70 100
50 110

a. Which variable is the dependent variable?

b. Compute the least squares estimated line.

c. Is there a significant relationship between the sales of coffee and temperature?

d. Predict sales of a 95 degree day.

3. According to one of the recent study published in an International report, the cost of medical malpractice in the United States is USD 55.6 billion a year, which is approximately 2.4 percent of US annual health-care spending. An earlier research report published in 2011, in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that, during the period 1991 to 2005, 7.4 percent of all physicians licensed in the US had a malpractice claim. These staggering numbers not only contribute to the high cost of health care, but the size of successful malpractice claims also contributes to high premiums for medical malpractice insurance. The table below contains a sample of data set of claim payments made in a year’s time and other information about the claimant.

Amount (in USD) Age Marital Status Insurance type Gender
2 45 Single Private Male
5 34 Married Medicare Male
3.5 29 Married Private Female
160 46 Single Workers compensation Male
4 56 Married Private Female
155 45 Single Private Female
45 44 Married Medicare Male
3 56 Single No insurance Male
20 43 Single Private Male

a. Using descriptive statistics explore claim payment amounts, and identify factors that appear to influence the amount of the payment.

b. Do a correlation analysis between ‘Amount’ and ‘Age’ and interpreted the coefficient of correlation.

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Essentials of HRM

Question 1: Ajay has not been performing well in accounts department due to the new system on GST has been implemented in the organisation. He is lagging behind in the concepts of GST as well as his communication skills are not as expected. The accounts head of the organisation believes in the institution of training and wants to send Ajay for the same. Introduce the concept of training by commenting on the above proclamations. Also, discuss the factors influencing the effectiveness of training. Conclude your answer in a brief way by focusing on the importance of training for any organization.

Question 2: In reference to the above case explain various kinds of On the Job and Off the Job training methods that can be provided to Mr. Ajay? Also, give concluding remarks by choosing the best method suited in the above scenario?

Question 3: Over the years Ajay attended many trainings as well as development programs and really honed his skills. Evaluating his performance over the past few years the department has really been proud of his achievements and he has been identified as key successor in his department.

a) Write down the objectives of succession planning which Ajay’s organisation wants to achieve?

b) Though succession planning has many positive aspects but there are some flip sides to it, explain what could be the demerits of it (succession planning). Conclude by sharing few lines on the failure of succession planning of any organisation.

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Financial Accounting & Analysis

1. Mr. Berrybell wants to assess the ability of an enterprise named Anyway, so as to confirm whether the enterprise is capable to generate sufficient cash flows or not. Anyway submits the following information for the year ended 31 March2017.

Particulars (Rs. In lacs)
Shares issued during the year 5
Capital assets purchased 1.5
Proceed from sale of an asset 2
Dividend declared and paid 1
Increase in debtors 1.5
Loss on sale of asset 0.2
Net income before taxes 8.8
Depreciation & Amortisation 3.8

Discuss the relevance of preparing the cash flow statement. Indicate and comment on the following:

  • Cash from operation
  • Cash from investing activities
  • Cash from financing activities
  • Closing balance

2. You are being appointed as the accounts executive of Jayesh Motiwala & Company. The principal business of the company is dealing in pearl ornaments at its retail outlet in Jaipur. The management is unaware about the relevance of accounting standard applicable while accounting for the business. Your responsibility is to convince them to comply with the Accounting Standards, by giving a brief presentation on the objectives behind complying with the accounting standard and the benefits to the enterprise by following the same.

3. The following is the Balance Sheet of Caterpillar Ltd as on 31st March 2017

Equity share capital 500000 Fixed assets 695800
Preference share capital 300000 Stock 135000
Reserves & Surplus 255000 Debtors 145000
Creditors 45500 Cash & Bank 150600
Outstanding liablilites 25900
1126400 1126400

Ascertain –

a) Current ratio and liquid ratio. What if the industry average for the same is 2 and 1 respectively.

b) Capital gearing ratio and interpret the same.

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Marketing Management

Q1. Assume that you are going to start a restaurant targeting young customers. What will be the various elements of Marketing Mix with respect to the restaurant? Elucidate.

Q2. Suppose that you are planning to buy a new mobile phone for yourself. What factors are likely to influence your buying behavior while buying a mobile phone? Explain.

Q3. In recent past, teenagers girls in India have become highly beauty conscious. XYZ Limited is planning to introduce a first of its kind beauty cream ‘Soft & Sweet’ targeting teenager girl of affluent class. The cream would be available in different variants as per the skin type such as neutral skin, oily skin, rough skin etc. The product would be sold only from the premium cosmetic stores and through company website across the country. Assume that you are responsible for designing the marketing strategies for ‘Soft & Sweet’.

a) Design a segmentation plan for ‘Soft & Sweet’.

b) Design the appropriate market entry strategies for ‘Soft & Sweet’.

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Strategic Management

Q.1) You are the head of a strategic business unit under ABC Business Group. The Unit is engaged into manufacturing of telecommunication handsets. You are planning to change the strategy at business level and you have chosen ‘product differentiation’ as your strategy. You want the board of directors to approve your decision for which you will have to make a strong case for choosing this strategy. Explain how you will convince the board of directors.

Q.2) You are the strategy consultant to fortune 500 companies and you are asked to conduct a training session for executives of a leading automobile company which is planning to expand its business in international market. This company is based in India. Explain how you will convince the trainees that the global environment is highly complex.

Q.3) You are a CEO of a XYZ Pvt Ltd, a leading FMCG company headquartered in Germany. Your company is planning its expansion in Asia and you are now involved in rigorous analysis of competition in FMCG sector in Asia. In this background, answer the following questions.

a) Use Michael Porter’s Framework for analyzing competitors.

b) How would you analyze competitor’s assumptions?

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Organizational Theory, Structure and Design

Q 1. A large IT company is currently going through a leadership crisis. The CEO has just resigned and the dispute between the board and the CEO has left the top management team rudderless and divided. You have been appointed as the interim CEO and are tasked with getting the top leadership team in the company back on focused on the company objectives. Analyze the political environment (make reasonable assumptions) and discuss the Power Structure that would be prevalent in the company and discuss your way forward.

Q 2. Rivigo is a young start up that is establishing itself in the surface transport business. The main USP is that they promise and have successfully delivered 97% “On Time” performance and 95% “Zero Damage to Goods” to the customer. They are now looking to scale up the business and you have been made in charge of the same. Analyze the different structures that are available to you and recommend a suitable organization structure given the business requirement.

Q 3. Work culture and Diversity is a critical to the new age business. Discuss the following in the context of new age business like ecommerce business or a FM radio business.

a. Discuss how will you assess the current work culture in the company.

b. Discuss the approaches to Managing Diversity.

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Consumer Behaviour

1. You must have seen several advertisements of various brands of tooth paste in TV and Print Media, while some of these brands having endorsement of Dentist, or by Indian Dental Association (IDA).

Discuss the ethical aspect of the endorsement by IDA or by a Dentist and secondly discuss how will this endorsement by IDA or by a Dentist impact the decision making process of customers to buy particular brand of toothpaste.

2. Top Indian MNC pharmaceutical company as their strategy to expand their business base, they decided to enter Middle Eastern countries; looking in to their specific culture in these countries, how far this culture will act as a business barrier for the pharmaceutical products.

3. Once upon a time Nokia was top cell phone brand in India it was known for its best quality, however the brand lost its ground in the Indian market completely;

a. What are the major possible reasons why Nokia lost the market grip suddenly and how they could have avoided this situation? Discuss the same.

b. Assume that they want to re-enter Indian market once again, in that scenarios what are your top recommendations for Re-Entry to Indian market, Product Positioning, Pricing and Distribution.

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Corporate Finance

Question 1

Lakme India is planning to launch a new product as “Lakme fair Skin Natural Mousse – Hydrating”. The company is planning to import machinery costing Rs100 lacs from Japan. The expected life of the machinery will be 10 years. The selling price per unit will be Rs 1250 and variable cost per unit will be Rs850. Further the company will have to pay Rs25lacs as fixed cost per annum. The fixed cost includes Rs10 lacs as depreciation. The company expects to sale 150000 units of the produced per year. Tax rate applicable is 50 %. The management of the company wants to know the cash flow associated with the equipment, as the CEO of the company emphasis that it is necessary to evaluate capital budgeting decisions. Do you agree? Give reasons supporting your answer and determine the cash flow generated (that is profit after tax+ depreciation) by the equipment.

Question 2

If you want to run your business smoothly, you should be capable enough to manage the working capital requirements of the business in an efficient manner. “Several companies like Dabur, Dell computers, Cadbury India realized the need of maintain an adequate level of working capital. Further they also have to identify the different types of working capital needed in their business at different points of time”.

This is the statement of CEO of M-Mart Ltd who is interviewing you for the position of finance manager. Do you agree with the statement of the CEO? Give reasons and conclude the same in an effective manner.

Question 3

Miss Kavvya is a successful entrepreneur of GEMS Pharma Ltd. The entrepreneur is looking to launch a new sunscreen cream in the market at a selling price of Rs275 per unit. The fixed cost determined for producing the product is Rs55700. The variable cost of producing the product is Rs165 per unit. Miss Kavvya wants to perform the cost volume profit analysis.

a) Discuss and explain the relevant tool, formula of CVP analysis applicable in the above mentioned case and how the cost will be broken down for performing such analysis.

b) If the sales are 800 units then what will be the profit generated by the business? What would be your advice, if the fixed cost is Rs95000 instead of Rs55700?

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International Business

1. What do you understand by business ethics in International business. How can a firm maintain a balance and display international business ethics practices of highest order without compromising on profit maximization.

2. Can you classify Dell Vostro1740 laptop as a global product? What is the concept of a global product? What are the different product strategies organizations can use and which strategy would you choose, say as marketing in charge at Dell.

3. A) Can a firm trade in every and all types of goods, products and services in international markets? Explain the concept of Export Restrictions. What is the difference between prohibited goods and restricted goods.

3. B) What are the common export/import documents required for those goods, products and services which are freely tradable. Why are these documents required in the first place? What are four ways to obtain export license?

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Operations Management

1. What is the need of a good facility layout planning? Select any automotive company of your choice, and do a detailed study of its facility layout.

2. Discuss the transportation methods for solving physical distribution and transportation problems. Solve the following Transportation Problem and find the total transportation Cost.

Plants /Warehouses W1 W2 W3 Supply
P1 33 26 24 550
P2 21 28 31 350
P3 25 24 29 600
Demand 400 600 500

3. In October 2005, Walmart announced plans to transform itself into one of the greenest corporations in the world. Then-CEO Lee Scott called sustainability “essential to our future success as a retailer.” The company has been especially vocal about shrinking its environmental footprint in China, its manufacturing hub.

(Source: Andy Kroll, Are Walmart’s Chinese Factories as Bad as Apple’s? Mother Jones, March/April2012 issue)

a. Discuss the major environmental aspects of production and its impact.

b. What is environment protection act and how is it related to sustainability.

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Taxation Direct & Indirect

Question 1 Mr. Chattur, is a citizen of Germany came to India as a tourist in the previous year 2016-17 and stayed in India for a period of 162 days. He liked the south east part of the country and decided to explore all the tourist places there so he stayed in India throughout the year 2015 16. However, in the year 2013-14, 2014-15 he visited India in two International Conferences and his period of stay was 26 days and 18 days respectively. Discuss in the light of the various applicable provisions of Income Tax Act-

  • His residential status for AY2017-18 and the necessity to determine his residential status.

Question 2 Mr. Thakkar aged 38 years furnishes the following details with regard to his options exercised for tax planning purpose for the year ending as on 31.03.2017

a) Has taken Life insurance policy as on 30.4.2016 from Bajaj Alliance for a capital sum assured Rs.2.5 lacs, premium paid for the same Rs75000

b) Contribution made by a bearer cheque towards Public Provident Fund account of his father Rs20000

c) Paid Rs85000 to a friend towards housing loan on a property taken, the property is situated at Ratlam.

d) Subscription to units of mutual fund referred under section 10(23D) for Rs130000.

e) Contribution made towards Public Provident Fund account of his spouse Rs90000.

He wants to know about the gross total amount which he can claim as deduction while computing his total income. Are there any provisions available under the Indian Income Tax Act for the same? If yes, then discuss how the relevant provision will be helpful, give adequate reasons supporting the answer and also calculate the amount eligible for deduction under section 80 C.

Question 3 The Assessing officer in the decided case (GE Energy Parts Inc vs. ADIT, ITAT Delhi) examined the taxability of income of GE Overseas under the Act as well as the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement. He did not accept the contention of the assessee that the sale consideration was not taxable in India as the title in respect of the equipment’s was transferred outside India and the payments were also received outside India. He held that a lot of activities relating to marketing and sales took place in India. Further, the negotiations of prices also took place in India. These facts, in the opinion of the AO, were clear indicators of the GE India securing orders for GE Overseas. He further found that GE Overseas, by remotely sitting in foreign countries, could not make any sales, without the active involvement of GE India. This was held to be a business connection of GE Overseas in India in terms of section 9 of the Act. The AO, therefore, held that all the profits did not accrue or arise to the assessee in the foreign soil, but part of such profits arising in India, corresponding to the activities carried out in India, was chargeable to tax under the Act. Such income accruing or arising was held to be liable to tax as per the provisions of section 5(2) of the Act. Simply put, the AO has made out a case that the GE overseas entities were having business connection under the Act as well as permanent establishment under the DTAA in India in all the years under consideration.

(link: http://itatonline.org/archives/ge-energy-parts-inc-vs-adit-itat-delhi-permanent-establishment-entire-law-explained-on-whether-the-deputation-of-personnel-by-a-foreign-company-to-assist-the-indian-subsidiaries-in-negotiations-mark/)

a) In the context of above mentioned cases, discuss what can be the objectives and importance of framing rules with respect to taxation of a business concern which operates in more than one nation from taxation perspective?

b) Elaborate, why the assessing officer is of the contention to treat GE India as a permanent establishment in the given case?

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Capital Market and Portfolio Management

Q.1 Following information regarding the holding period of the stock A, is available. Based on the data provided in the Table 1 below, calculate and mention the following:

i. Return on Investment (ROI) and its Formulae

ii. Steps to calculate ROI

iii. Net Returns from investment (in Rs)

Table 1

Stock A
Event Date Value (In Rs.)
Stock Purchased 31 March 2012 750.60
Dividend received 31 March 2013 9.00
Dividend received 31 March 2014 9.50
Dividend received 31 March 2015 10.00
Dividend received 31 March 2016 10.50
Dividend received 31 March 2017 11.00
Stock Sold 31 March 2017 1,320.90

Q.2 Mr. Ravindra Kumar chooses to invest total amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- in equal proportion in both Stock A and B (data given in Table 2). The correlation coefficient between the stock A and stock B is 0.4. Demonstrate that he has taken a better investment decision as compared to decision of investing all the amount only in stock A and stock B.

Hint: You have to demonstrate the impact of diversification on the portfolio returns and variance in case of two assets

Table 2

Stock A Stock B
Probability Return Probability Return
5% -20% 10% -25%
20% 0% 20% 0%
25% 10% 25% 20%
30% 20% 20% 30%
20% 25% 25% 40%

Q.3 Mr. Rajendra Kumar has been a investing in the stock market purely based on tips received from his stock-broker friend, Mr. Ramesh Chandra, and has been generating decent returns till now. Given the low size of his investible surplus, he has not been able to take advantage of all the tips that he received given by Mr. Ramesh, say during a year. As a result his investment has been restricted to investing mostly in a single company through a particular year. So much so that sometimes he has stayed invested in a single scrip even for more than two years. While his returns may have been sometimes good and sometimes great but he has not been overly worried about their levels or adequacy, as he has never lost any money at overall investment level. Actually the yearly returns from his stock market investments have always been higher than the bank fixed deposit returns, where he parks most of his savings. Hence, in nutshell, for him the investment strategy seems to be working for him and he is happy. Thus he never saw any reason to change his investment pattern or strategy. Moreover he continues to significantly rely on the tips received through Mr. Ramesh. Because of Mr. Ramesh’s good track record in suggesting good scrips for investment and the trust Mr. Rajendra has in Ramesh’s integrity, he has never acted on any of the tip related to investments received from any other person.

Last week Mr. Ramesh told him that he plans to retire from his stock broking business. He planned to handover the business over the next six months, to his partner and relocate with his wife, permanently to US to stay with his son and his family. He added that while Mr. Rajendra can continue to avail of the broking services through the broking firm to be run by his partner, he will not be able to provide the good and timely tips that Mr. Rajendra has been solely relying on for investing his money. He also suggested Mr. Rajendra to invest through mutual funds.

Mr. Rajendra got worried and told Mr. Ramesh that he is not convinced that why he should be investing through a mutual fund. Moreover, even if he agrees to invest through the same, how would he ever choose the one that he should give his money to invest, as there are so many of them with each one claiming their performance to be better than the other?

Understanding Mr. Rajendra’s predicament and anxiety, Mr. Ramesh gave reference of one of his professional contact (You), working as a fund manager, in a reputed mutual fund company. He asked Mr. Rajendra to meet you and seek answers to his questions related to mutual funds. Mr. Rajendra has contacted you and sought time to meet with you and discuss the following:

a) Why should Mr. Rajendra be investing through mutual fund?

b) On what basis he should choose a mutual fund amongst others? What are the various performance measures used for a mutual fund?

Describe in detail your answers to Mr. Rajendra’s queries.

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Cost and Management Accounting

1. Ashish had joined the labour control and payment system of Navneet Ltd. He was asked by his manager to prepare a report on the various activities involved in the cost accounting for the labour. Provide various inputs that he has to keep in mind while preparing the report.

2. ABC Ltd uses the LIFO method for recording inventory. The details of the company are as follows:

Jul-14 Particulars
1 Opening balance 400 liters @ ₹28.00 per litre
4 Purchased 300 liters @ ₹27 per litre
7 Issued 200 litres
10 Issued 300 litres
22 Purchased 490 liters @ ₹25.00 per litre
25 Issued 300 litres

Prepare a stores ledger account using the LIFO method and explain the relevance of this method.

3. To make 15 Kg. of a product, the standard materials required are as follows:

Materials Amount Price
A 10 kg @ 8
B 3 Kg. @ 10
C 2 Kg. @ 12

During the month of July, 1,500 Kg. of the product was produced. The actual materials consumed were as follows:

Materials Amount Price
A 900 kg @ 7
B 400 Kg. @ 8
C 200 Kg. @ 10

Calculate and interpret whether the variance is favourable or unfavourable:

a. Material Cost Variance

b. Material Price Variance

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Marketing of Financial Services

Q 1) Explain the concept of Online Marketing of financial services. How is it changing the way financial services are sold in India?

Q2) A study has shown that Insurance agents in India have an incentive to recommend more expensive and less suitable products to consumers. Suggest a roadmap for the Insurance industry where there would be a win-win for both agents and the consumers.

Q 3) You are a Financial Planner. Your client Ashwin Aswani aged 40 years, married with 1 child requires your help to make some financial decisions. (You can make any assumptions to further build up your case.)

a) Ashwin wants to buy a Pure Risk Life Insurance cover. He is confused whether he should buy a ULIP, Endowment or a Term Plan. Recommend the product best suited for him giving valid reasons.

b) Ashwin wants to purchase a holiday home by liquidating his retirement savings fund and taking a home loan for the next 10 to 15 years. Ashwin wants your opinion whether this is an appropriate strategy for a Retirement Plan.

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Strategic Cost Management

1. XYZ is considering a Project with an initial investment of Rs.100,000. Three probable cash flow scenarios with their probabilities of occurrence are as under:

Annual Cash Flow (Rs.) 20,000 30,000 40,000
Probability 0.1 0.7 0.2

Project life is 5 years with expected return of 20%. The expected terminal values associated with each of above probabilities are Rs.0, Rs.20,000 & Rs.30,000. Find the probable NPV.

2. An M&A expert has been hired to explain to the management of a sick company the symptoms that are normally seen before a company qualifies for being referred to as a BFIR candidate. You being a freshly appointed Management Trainee are required to present a small write up, briefly explaining those early symptoms.

3. a) From the following particulars, calculate: Material Cost Variance & Material Price Variance

Quantity of materials purchased 3000 units
Value of materials purchased Rs.9000
Standard quantity of materials required per tonne of output 30 units
Standard rate of material Rs.2.5 per unit
Opening stock of materials nil
Closing stock of materials 500 units
Output during the period 80 tonnes

3. b) Calculate Labour Yield Variance from the following data:

Standard Output 500 units
Actual Output 450 units
Standard Time 1000 hrs
Standard Rate Rs.20 per hour

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Compensation & Benefits

1. Should an employee’s pay package be entirely linked to performance? If yes, why? If No, Why?

2. You are the ‘’Compensation Lead’’ of ABC Ltd., a BPO centre for an airline, having 500 employees. The majority of these employees are Gen Y or millennial. The management wants to use indirect compensation as a strategy to retain their employees. What would be your recommendation?

3. Foodomania Ltd. Started operations in 2014. In 3 years they have established their brand and are a profitable organization. They have a sales force of 80 sales employees and 25 Management employees. They want to increase the sales force to 300 employees and Management team to 50 employees. You have been appointed to device a new compensation structure to meet the growing employee strength. What are the points you will consider when

a. Devising a compensation strategy for Top Management

b. Devising compensation strategy for Sales Force

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Industrial Relations and Labour Laws

1. Ramesh Bhatia was working in an industry employing around 500 employees. He joined the industry in the year 2012. The worker were made to work for more than 9 hours in a day. The canteen facility was not good. It offered only tea and snacks. Complaints were made to the management requesting them to change the menu and also to provide better and nutritious meal. The management changed the canteen in-charge.The canteen started offering meals and also a variety of other items. However, the prices were increased and the workers could not afford them.Ramesh and his co-workers complained to the management. The management kept on delaying the issue. Ramesh came up with an idea to form a trade union. Collective bargaining could be an effective tool in dealing with the issues faced by theworkers. Accordingly, a trade union was formed in the year 2013 and Ramesh was made the President. The trade union was functioning smoothly and most of the problems faced by the employees were dealt effectively. In the year 2014, a new director Mr. Mahesh Kumar was appointed at the management level. When the trade union brought a complaint before him, he refused to entertain them stating that the trade union was unregistered and he would infact file a complaint of criminal conspiracy against them.

Ramesh and the other members want to register their trade union. What is the current status of the trade union and what are the steps to be followed in the present scenario for the registration of the trade union?

2. Sheekha is working in a manufacturing unit. The unit has employed 50 people on the manufacturing process and is registered as a factory. Sheekha was given wages of Rs. 7,500/- on a monthly basis. The wages were paid on the 5th of each month. Besides the wages she was given bonus of Rs. 2,000/- every year during Diwali festival.In the month of October 2017, she received only Rs. 3,000/- as wages. Also her Diwali bonus was not paid to her.Upon inquiring, the HR manager told her that her wages were deducted. The explanation that was given that in the previous month she had come late for 5 days. Also she had been negligent with the machinery she used and the repairing cost to be borne by the company was Rs. 500/-, and therefore Rs. 2,000/- was further deducted from her wages. Sheekha claimed for the bonus, but the manager stated that the bonus was not included as wages and so she could not demand them.

Analyze the case and what are the different authorised reasons for which Sheekha’s wages could be deducted.

3. Arjun is a member of a trade union in an industry. The objectives of the trade union is to protect the members and provide them with the necessary facilities. The trade union had been demanding protective glasses for the workers doing welding work as a safety measure. The management did not provide them and asked the workers instead to be careful while doing the wielding work. One day, while Arjun was doing a welding work a spark went in his eye. He was given first aid and then rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, he lost his eye. Some of the members approached the management and asked them to pay the medical expenses, compensation to Arjun and the required safety measures to the workers. The management refused to take responsibility and instead put the blame on Arjun saying that he was careless while doing his work. The workers were agitated and decided to protest against the behavior of the management by going on a strike.

a. Advise the workers on the different ways they can protest through strike.

b. Advise the management on how they can prevent industrial disputes.

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Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection

Q.1. Mr. Shreejeet Pradhan, the HR of Jumbo Times, recently attended a conference on “Crucial quantifiable methods of supply forecasting in Manpower Planning”. You as an intern working with Shreejeet, has been delegated a project to research on, “The various quantifiable methods of supply forecasting” to help Shreejeet gather more information and take an informed decision.

Q.2. ABC Manpower a reputed Multinational Company adopts “Geocentric approach”. However, the organization is not satisfied with this approach. As an External Management Consultant for ABC Manpower suggest the various approaches to staffing with its merits and demerits.

Q.3 Answer the following questions based on the Case study mentioned below:

Case study: Sarika and Sheetal were MBA’s from the prestigious MBA College .They both joined ABC Pvt. Ltd in the same year. Sarika being MBA in HR joined the HR department while Sheetal joined the Finance department. Over the years both Sheetal and Sarika remained friends and worked well as colleagues. Sarika was well known employee among the staff. While Sheetal remained to be a reserved employee but took up key positions in Finance department. Sarika was friendly to help employees while Sarika was outgoing. Sheetal would also wonder how Sarika can be so famous and well known and loved by all whereas not many knew Sheetal apart from the people from her own department. Sheetal now took an extreme step of putting down her papers. Their manager Mr. Shah was worried when he heard the news. He first contacted Sarika as they were best friends and batchmates. Sarika didn’t even know what drove Sheetal to such harsh steps. Mr. Shah took the matter in his hands and confronted Sheetal in an informal talk in the canteen. Sheetal opened up and discussed how she felt left out and humiliated as Sarika was the popular one even though they both had equal qualification, experience and also had pursued course from the same institute. Even the canteen waiters acknowledged Sarika’s presence offering a quick service when she was with Sheetal. But when Sheetal came alone to canteen no one paid attention to her nor was she given any respect or importance. This hurt Sheetal and led her to resign.

a)What do you this is the real reason for such a misunderstanding.

b) What steps can you as an HR to convince Sheetal to stay?

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Organisation Culture

Q.1) ABC Ltd has hired you as a consultant to advice on certain issues. You have observed following problems in the company.

  • Unequal distribution of power
  • Centralized structure is followed
  • High importance to individual achievement
  • Division of roles between genders
  • Higher degree of intolerance towards uncertainty
  • Short term orientation

You used a specific model of organization to make above observations. Which model of organization culture is likely to give above findings? Explain the model in detail.

Q.2) XYZ Ltd has hired you as a consultant for the purpose of assisting the company in creating the culture of an organization. Suggest a process for the same.

Q.3 a) After studying the problem of FC Company, you came to know that there is a need to create ethical organizational culture. Which practices would you suggest to create the same?

Q.3 b) Due to rapid change in the environment, Opaque Company, IT firm, is finding it difficult to survive. Cultural issues are rampant in the organization. You are asked to advice on making a change in organizational culture. Which steps will you recommend?

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Performance Management System

1. Is 360 degree Feedback method of performance appraisal an impartial way of seeking performance feedback? If yes, why or if No, why?

2. State any 4 performance appraisal bias and as HR what steps will you take to ensure that these bias are neutralized.

3. MED Pharma is a newly established pharmaceutical company with a sales force of 500 employees. You are newly appointed as the business HR and your first task is to develop a performance management system for the organisation.

a. How will a performance management system impact various stakeholders in the organisation?

b. What are the factors that you will consider while developing the performance management system for the sales force.

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Custom Shipping and Insurance

1. You have joined a company as an Imports Executive (Operations) in Mumbai. You have been sent to the sea port to do the customs clearance of an imported consignment. The consignment is on CIF basis. What would be your sequence of operations to clear this.

2. Your company proposes to import one Live Horse. You have been asked to check the foreign trade policy for its importability and the customs duty. You need to give the following details to the management:

a. Which chapter this Live Horse is classified in the customs?

b. Is it freely importable? If not what is the category of this import and how to import?

c. What is the rate of customs duty only.

3. One consignment in a 20 feet container was imported to Mumbai in July in FOB terms. The freight and insurance is to be borne by your company. After customs clearance, your customs broker transferred the consignment from the container to a truck to transfer to your factory. The entire consignment got wet in transit due to heavy rain.

a. How will you claim the insurance for this damage and what type of insurance policy will cover this type of damages?

b. What precautions should have been taken to avoid such damages?

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Export Import Procedures and Documentation

1. You are working as an export clearance officer in an organization. You are advised to do export clearance of one consignment of 20’container to Germany. Your company has a contract with one CFS for export. This is Ex works and there is no need for inspection certificate, certificate of origin, etc. It is a simple export. How will you handle this independently? Give step by step process of your operation.

2. Your company imported one consignment on FOB origin basis. Your customs broker is asking for freight certificate and insurance certificate to calculate the CIF value. You do not have both and want to clear this urgently. How will you arrive at the CIF value? Will there be any loss of duty in this method?

3. You observe that your customs broker is not giving good services due to which your company is facing losses. You have been asked to select a good and reliable customs broker urgently.

a. How will you process selection of customs broker?

b. What are the criteria to select a customs broker?

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India’s Foreign Trade

Q1) What does foreign trade refer to and why is it important for any country to participate in foreign trade. State which guiding factor and reform measures can the Government of India leverage to further boost the international trade prospects of India’s agriculture sector.

Q2) Essence of international trade lies in comparative difference rather than absolute difference in cost. State the rationale, assumptions, limitations and advantages of this doctrine in International Business. How does this lead towards international specialization?

Q3) Explain the three rules for any organization to decide on its choice of entry strategy in International markets.

a. An International food company wishes to enter India to start their operations.

b. Suggest the choice of entry strategy and which of the three rules they should follow.

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International Marketing

1. Enlist key reasons why you feel that some domestically well established Indian companies have gone International. Explain the complexity of International Management with reference to strategic disposition of any firm of your choice.

2. Describe the Concept Orientation options for international markets. Can international firms be segmented on this basis. Which option would you choose for MNC firm and Global firm and why.

3. It is said that the importance of International marketing today is shaped by the dynamic interplay of several driving and restraining forces.

a. Identify and justify driving forces.

b. Identify and justify the restraining forces, stating your comments and making your suggesting for each.

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Brand Management

Q1. Maruti has finally gained tremendous success in the luxury Sedan segment after the launch of a separate brand Nexa. Owing to this Hyundai, the other major player in the small car segment is feeling the jitters. It feels that it too should follow the same strategy as it is more known for small cars and except the Verna, all its other luxury sedans have failed. Some analysts are even against the idea. Can you guide them on the same?

Q2. Flipkart after receiving the latest funding from Soft Bank, now wants to extend its brand in other areas as well. The first new segment it wants to target is the car buying and selling segment. It wants to come out with an extension called “Flipkarz” by end of 2017. Analyst are skeptical about the same. Is it a good decision? What steps should Flipkart follow to make it a success?

Q3. Analyze the below given Case study and answer the questions below:

Snapchat is both a messaging platform and a social network. It can’t be used from the regular we and exists only as a mobile app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Users can “chat” with their friends by sending them photos, short videos up to 10 seconds long. You can sort of think of it to be like texting with pictures or videos. Text chats and video calls are two other features that were added more recently to the app. One of the most unique things about Snapchat is the ephemeral components of all the content that gets shared on it. Photos and videos essentially disappear a few seconds after they’ve been viewed by their recipients. Average revenue per user was 90 cents in the first quarter, Snap said, up from 32 cents the same quarter a year earlier but below the $1.05 per user in the fourth quarter of 2016.Snap’s net loss widened to $2.21 billion, or $2.31 per share, in the first quarter, from $104.6 million, or 14 cents per share, due to stock-based compensation related to the IPO.

Facebook once failed to buy Snapchat; ever since, it’s tried to copy it, mostly without success. Until now. Facebook’s Instagram Stories, a clear Snapchat clone, has more daily users than Snapchat itself – and parent company Snap Inc. should be very worried. Snap’s latest earnings report isn’t helping either. On Thursday, the company said user growth for the April-June period was a paltry 4 percent from the previous quarter. Snap’s stock, already down 44 percent since its initial public offering in May, declined 14 percent, to $11.90, in extended trading after the results came out. That’s less than half of the $24.48 closing price on its first trading day. While the doom doesn’t spell imminent death, it’s a sign that Snapchat could be relegated to the side-lines as a niche app for young people – or worse, a passing fad – rather than a major competitor for digital ad dollars like Facebook and yes, even the struggling Twitter.


Instagram recently disclosed that Stories, which lets people share videos and snapshots in a continuous 24-hour loop, has amassed 250 million daily users in the year since it launched. Snapchat, in comparison, had 173 million in the second quarter – and that’s all of Snapchat, not just its version of Stories. Instagram in its entirety, meanwhile, had more than 400 million daily users as of February 2017, the last official count.


Facebook sends notifications for all sorts of things, such as a friend doing a live video or another friend posting something after an extended absence. Another might be on a new item for sale in the service’s “marketplace” section. These notifications – which primarily appear in the Facebook app but can also be pushed to the phone’s home screen – can conceivably keep people returning day after day. While Snapchat sends fewer notifications, it encourages daily use through Snap streak, which calls out streaks in which two friends send each other snaps at least once for more than three consecutive days. But it isn’t working too well, as daily use hasn’t grown much.


Rivals don’t always succeed. Facebook recently shut down Life stage, which lets those 21 and under share photos, selfies and videos with classmates. Life stage was aimed at high schoolers – a big chunk of Snapchat’s audience. Before that, Facebook killed Slingshot, another Snapchat clone for sending disappearing messages. In turn, that followed the demise of Poke, which also let people send photos and videos. All that followed Snapchat’s decision to rebuff Facebook’s $3 billion offer for the service in 2013.But Facebook and others kept trying and trying, until Facebook succeeded with Instagram Stories. Easy to use and piggybacking on Instagram’s existing popularity, Stories expanded Snapchat’s idea to a broader range of users. While Snapchat’s audience is mostly teens and young people, on Instagram, anyone might send a “story.” Other messaging apps are looking to clone Snapchat, too. Google is reportedly working on Stamp, which The Wall Street Journal compared to Snapchat’s Discover feature for letting people find photo and video-heavy news items. While Google isn’t commenting on Stamp, published reports say the company is in talks with the likes of Vox Media and Time Inc. to create such content.

a. What according to you is wrong with Snapchat?

b. What strategies can it undertake to revive?

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Customer Relationship Management

Q1. With Jio now entering even the mobile handset space, Nokia, the latest re-entrant is a bit worried. It feels that it needs to tighten its laces well in advance before Jio goes for Intensive sales and marketing. It feels that CRM is the best way forward and plan to utilize the benefits of the same but don’t know how to implement the same. Can you please guide them on the same as there is no scope of error?

Q2. Samsung Mobiles off late post the Note Series fiasco is facing troubled times. The sales have dropped and customer complaints are on the rise. They are not able to handle customer issues and are slowly losing out to competition. Can you help them find a way out of this problem?

Q3. Read and Analyze the below given case and answer the questions at the end of it This is the first time in the history of industry that the spending on customer relationship management tools is going to outdo enterprise resource planning tools. Analysts say that the spending on CRM will be $36.5 billion next year, $1.5 billion more than ERP. One would wonder why the sails of CRM took so long to capture glory. One would also wonder why corporations have taken so long to make this happen. In the digital world traditional CRM does not cut it, and that’s the reason why over the last five years CRM has clearly sailed with wind. For the first time, corporate houses feel insights can increase their sales in the long run. This is just a phenomenon in the West. Just when you thought consumer suffering had ended, Indian consumers will continue to suffer because corporate and government alike have ignored CRM services. No wonder Indian services are the worst the world over.

Indian automobile, telco and banking services are yet to understand the power of the data that they have mustered over the last decade. These companies are so sales driven that they almost forget the events after the sale. They think a post sales call makes the cut in the digital era.

Even government services do not invest in CRM and therefore they have no way of telling whether the quality of life for a citizen has gone up. They love citizen apathy and in this digital age consumers still suffer from the lack of data when it comes to government services. Our CRM is in the hands of politicians and companies that worry about the next election or the next sale.

According to the United Nations, India ranks 118 in the happiness index. Although the happiness index has other indicators such as social capital and freedom of life, it also indicates that Indians suffer quietly as all services do not match up to improve the quality of life of its people

The opportunity

CRM is no longer about subjecting people to satisfaction calls and sending home coupons to be redeemed in the weekend. The customer has truly moved digital in developed markets and in India the story is no different in at least major cities. In the consumer world, the narrative with corporate is about understanding the customer from the moment he browses on product or catalogue. It is about taking this experience and matching it with the customer behaviour in the offline world. For example, if a brand wants to know why its product sold well on “Amazon” or “Flipkart”, then it must also work out the metrics to understand how people walked in to its offline stores and explored other products. They can then use this data to match it to work out their supply chain strategy and by doing so they can even streamline the entire manufacturing process. These consumer goods companies and retailers also must take the loyalty and rewards programmes to a whole new experience.

The business to business companies (like manufacturers) invest in CRM to understand their dealers, their component manufacturers, and their sales teams. ERP tools captured processes and schedules. But it never offered components to understand the entire customer ecosystem. Data were always there, but corporations focussed on delivery cycles based on sales data rather than understanding the nuances beyond these sales.

Unfortunately, CRM is passé in India – barring a few companies like Amazon India and Flipkart – and it will be sometime before it becomes important. Until then let us suffer silently like we always have.

a. What according to you is the reason behind the sorry state of affairs of CRM in India?

b. What steps should be taken to improve the same?

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Marketing Strategy

Q1. Shubiksha, started out as the cheapest supermarket cum superstore in town but today it has become an irrelevant brand. Lot of efforts are on to revive the same. Can you suggest some strategies for the same?

Q2. Hindustan Times has started charging for its weekend magazine Brunch as it feels it is not able to reap the benefits by giving it free of cost. This is in stark contrast to Times of India which gives at least one newspaper free with its daily paper. Can you compare these strategies?

Q3. Hotstar is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Star India which was launched in January 2015. But star officially launched the domain and the mobile app in February 2015, just before the ICC cricket world cup 2015. It has expanded its offering with 35,000 hours of content, spread across 8 languages from the entertainment, movie and sports channels.

Objectives of Launching Hotstar:

In India, the internet speed is a problem. So, the initial aim for the developers to make the platform to operate even at as low as 50kbps. So, great video experience on any bandwidth – even on 2G! It was developed such a way so the application can run on as many as 7,000 operating systems any screen sizes.

According to a survey, more than 78% of the 152 million Indian internet users are mobile and the average spending on mobile internet is Rs. 235 per month. So, surely Star has seen some potential in Hotstar to be a game changer. STAR INDIA is expecting that the platform will contribute around 20-25% to the overall revenue for the company in the next 4 years.

Approach/ Strategy Adopted:

In case of watching videos, everybody prefers YouTube, but in case of latest movies and television shows YouTube cannot satisfy users’ expectations. And here comes the Hotstar app. The Daily Soaps are not the only thing that you can watch on this app, it even lets you stream live telecast of nearly every international sport on your Phone that has been broadcasted on any of the Star Sports channel. With 10 million downloads in the 40 days since its launch, Star India’s mobile application Hotstar is undoubtedly the hottest digital media product today.

There are about 20,000 advertisers on television for this newly launched platform across all TV channels. Whereas there are 500,000 advertisers on digital marketing platforms. Digital media is expected to grow at 37% in 2015, compared with an average rate of 35% over the last two years, so star India will open a large scale of advertising in this country. It approaches to a larger and valuable target audience, the younger generation and those in the 25-and-above age bracket, wanting to consume content on the go.

Moreover, Hotstar has done brilliant job when it comes to optimizing the search engines. More than 12% of their visitors come from search engines like Google, Bing, MSN and Yahoo. The investment on this platform by Star stands around Rs 1,200 crore over five years.

Top Features of Hotstar:

  1. You can share any content on Hotstar with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.
  2. You can watch movies which are available in the library for free.
  3. A lot of popular old shows like The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Khichdi & Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai are available with all episodes.
  4. TV Channels (shows from which are available) include Asia net, Channel V, Life OK, MAA, Star Jalsha, Star Plus, Star Pravah, Star Utsav, Star Vijay, Star World & Suvarna.
  5. You can add that video to your playlist and watch them later.
  6. You can even download many shows to watch them offline.


It was launched on 1st of February and became the fastest to cross one million download marks in six days. It outdid apps like Facebook (10 months), Instagram (2.5 months) and Twitter (one year), the app has managed to achieve an average TSV (time spent per viewer) of 24 minutes a day.

According to ALEXA, Hotstar is now ranked 123 among all websites in India, and the global rank is 1997, which is improving day by day. It is the most reached online sports platform according to the Tele Web Audience Measurement system.

a. What strategies seem working for Hotstar?

b. What strategies should competitors apply to compete with Hotstar?

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Sales Management

1. The famous herbal company in India known for its herbal food supplements, decided to get into more specific segment of metabolic disorder viz Diabetes, they formulated herbal food supplement for Diabetic patients. As a sales director of the company how will you work on your geographical spread and what is your plan of action to reach to your target audience.

2. A well-established and famous fast food Company from Bangalore who are already well known in Indian market for their ready to cook Indian food items and masala. Now as a strategy, to expand their business they enter into ready to serve Indian breakfast food like Upma, Poha etc. in 3 minutes. According to you, does this product directly compete with famous brand of noodle, where they do talk about 3 minutes noodle or they are creating a new segment for themselves, discuss in detail.

3. One of the largest consumer electronic company in India well anchored in the urban market, realized that they have almost reached saturation in their growth in urban markets, as a strategy to trigger sales growth, they have decided to enter rural market:

a. Do you think the decision of the company was right or it is a disaster to enter rural market to trigger sales growth; give your point of view with logical reasoning?

b. As a head of Sales what will be your strategy as far as sales force deployment without affecting current coverage of urban market and without going for new recruitment for new rural market coverage.

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Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI

1. XYZ is the leading commercial bank in India. Due to various factors it is facing many challenges in the recent scenario. Discuss the areas on which banks need to focus for their sustenance.

2. As a risk control manager, highlight the risk prevention policies and measures against the Risk control/mitigation process in banks.

3. Assume you are ABC bank. In recent days Non-Performing Asset is giving a deleterious impact on the return on asset. As a bank, discuss-

a. The factors contributing to high level of NPAs in the Indian Banks.

b. The measures you will take to overcome this alarming issue.

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Retail Banking

Q.1. With reference to any one public sector bank and one private bank, discuss the top five banking products offered to Retail Banking customers.

Q.2. Recently there has been an advent of alternative banking channels being available at several locations. Give you views on whether these new distribution channels of banking are a boon for customers or are they too many unnecessary distribution of channels.

Q.3. Banking is one of the major service sectors in India. Customer satisfaction has been on the major performance evaluation parameters for the banks. Give your views on the following with reference to customer service given by banks

a) Between public sector banks or private banks, who do you think is better in providing better customer service and why? What should the other type of bank do to better themselves on customer service?

b) Nowadays almost all banking operations are being offered through mobile based applications. Do you think this is easily preferable by customers, or is it too much dependence on technology? Give your reasons.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

1. Jayashri Enterprises is a manufacturing firm involved in production and selling of PVC cables. It is located at outskirts of Mumbai, India. It has got one manufacturing plant and is looking for opening a new plant soon. Jayashri Enterprises has been using Tally as an accounting package and MS-Excel for recording other information. Introduction of GST has triggered the discussion regarding ERP implementation in its recently concluded Board meeting. The MD of the firm has heard about ERP but not sure about ERP functionality. She has also heard that ERP solutions are too expensive but nowadays open source ERP software are also available, which can be implemented at much lower cost. She has invited you to explain what ERP is and how it would be useful for her firm. What advice would you give her?

2. You are consultant to Jagat Facility Management Services. This firm has over 100 clients and more than 2000 employees. You have implemented the ERP software for this company. Explain the methodology that you have adopted for this firm. Also share the lessons learned.

3. “It is simply ridiculous! The pricing is too much!” This was the reaction, which Ms Phatima Bidarkar received when she shared her consulting fees. “Why we should pay so much for consulting services when the ERP software comes for free?” A question followed the initial reaction. Ms Phatima Bidarkar started her career as SAP functional consultant with a large manufacturing enterprise, which had implemented SAP ERP. While working on fine-tuning the ERP implementation, she also learnt how it is important to do proper Business Process Reengineering (BPR) to get maximum advantage of ERP implementation. After working for five years there, she started her consulting company where she emphasized the need for BPR before and even after ERP implementation. She got her initial business from the customers and suppliers of her former employer as her employer served as a great reference for her work. Since most of these firms were small businesses, she started offering her services for implementing open source ERP software called ERPNext. Recently Ms Phatima Bidarkar started to do cold calling for getting new customers. That is when she started getting resistance for pricing of her consulting services. Since she used to offer BPR services in addition to ERP functional consulting services, she couldn’t reduce her prices. But she was equally worried that she may need to abandon the SME market segment if she sticks to her pricing.

a. Should Ms Phatima Bidarkar reduce her consulting fees? If yes then explain how and if not then explain why not.

b. Is BPR needed for SMEs before implementing ERP? If yes then explain why and if not then explain why not.

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Supply Chain management

1. UrbanStairs, an online furniture retailer is planning to set up distribution centres pan India. As an SCM consultant, offer advice on how to design the distribution network to deliver products to the customers in a timely manner.

2. While designing a supply chain, various strategic, tactical and operational level decisions need to be made. Supply chains need to be designed in such a way that they can respond immediately to any fluctuations that take place. Supply chain must be designed in such a way that the performance and costs remain unaffected despite various fluctuations. Elaborate on the strategic supply chain decisions a Retail Store selling Electronics and Computer Accessories needs to take. (10 Marks)

3. Netherlands-headquartered furniture retailer IKEA will invest 908 million ringgit ($212.10 million) to set up one of its largest regional distribution and supply chain centres in Malaysia, the Southeast Asian country said.

The supply chain centre will manage an inventory worth 6.6 billion ringgit annually, catering to IKEA’s growth in the ASEAN region, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) said in a statement on Tuesday.

The new 100,000 square metre warehouse will supply to 12 existing retail stores in the region. IKEA plans to grow its number of stores in ASEAN to 20 by 2026.

Malaysia is a significant market for IKEA, with retail stores in the country being among IKEA’s most visited globally. “The establishment (of the warehouse) also adds momentum towards making Malaysia a regional distribution hub and preferred logistics gateway to Asia as outlined in the National Logistics and Trade Facilitation Masterplan and National E-Commerce Strategic Roadmap,” Minister of International Trade and Industry Mustapa Mohamed said.

Malaysia has been encouraging large local conglomerates and multi-national companies to use the country as a gateway to the region through various initiatives, including the principal hub scheme that allows companies to centralise their global activities such as procurement and distribution.

The web of companies that make up IKEA has recently focused ownership of retail operations, which also include shopping centres and food retail, on IKEA Group. Supply chain management and design has transferred to brand owner and franchisor Inter IKEA.

Source: http://retail.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/home-and-decor/furniture-and-decor/ikea-to-invest-212-mln-to-build-regional-supply-centre-in-malaysia-govt/60185153

a. What are some of the challenges faced by IKEA in managing its global Supply Chain.

b. How do you suggest IKEA can use Information Technology to support its Supply Chain operations in Malaysia?


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Logistics Management

Q.1. Green manufacturing is a term that was coined to reflect novel manufacturing concepts that utilize various green strategies based on objectives and principles. What are the steps you would incorporate in logistic planning to initiate green manufacturing in your organization?

Q.2. Briefly discuss the global issues associated with physical distribution and transportation logistics. Cite some examples of best practices in today’s industry that is making efficiency improvements in its physical distribution.

Q.3 An automobile manufacturer uses 10,000 headlight assemblies a month in the production of SUVs. Daily production of the vehicle is reasonably stable throughout the year. The cost of each headlight assembly is Rs150.00. The company’s incremental order (acquisition) cost is Rs40.00 per order. Its incremental inventory carrying cost is 33% of the average inventory value per year.

a. What should be the ordering lot size to keep the total inventory cost minimum?

b. What will be the total inventory cost if the manufacturer uses economical ordering quantity to order each time?

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Total Quality Management

1. Choosing the right supplier involves much more than just the unit price of the product. The choice will depend on a wide range of other factors. Propose supplier selection criteria you will adopt if you were the purchase head.

2. Today achieving profit is most important objective of the organizations and quality management is the most effective approach to achieve this objective. In your opinion what approaches should an organization adopt to achieve this. Explain your answer briefly with examples.

3. Case Study M/s ABC wants to implement Total Quality Management for a competitive advantage. Quality gurus, have all stressed the importance of employee involvement for quality, therefore, the management start with total quality awareness program across the organization covering all employees.

a. Explain why you would agree with them.

b. Explain with examples how industries have implemented total employee involvement for quality.

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Business Ethics, Governance & Risk

1. Alok, a former employee of ABC Ltd has taken the proprietary customer list of the company to his new company, XYZ Ltd. According to you what are the moral issues involved here for both ABC Ltd as well as XYZ Ltd. What are the options available to his immediate boss at XYZ Ltd when Alok offers this list.

2. In this era of resources availability crisis can ethical consumerism influence/change business? Do you think ethical consumption is a moral choice? Evaluate your answer using any one ethical theory.

3. Ayesha is a successful Vice President, Finance since last 3 years of a mid size FMCG company recognized as a highly motivated, committed and capable executive across the organization. When the CEO of the company meets with an accident and is paralyzed the Company Board chooses to elevate Ayesha’s Junior, Nikhil, Vice President Marketing, just one year old in the company, as the next CEO. The organization is now largely divided into 2 factions, each favoring either Ayesha or Nikhil. You are the Head of Human Resources thinking of addressing this issue of gender discrimination.

a. According to you, which 5 factors influence the attitude of an individual towards gender bias? How can this attitude be changed/ overcome?

b. Analyze and evaluate any three internal processes and systems that you think would have prevented this situation from happening.

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Financial Institutions and Markets

Q1. Mr. Rajiv Kumar, after completing his MBA from a prestigious management institute, has joined the treasury department of a leading Indian bank in Mumbai. He is assigned to the team responsible for managing the day-to-day liquidity of the bank. Explain in detail the various options available to Mr. Rajiv to manage the liquidity of the bank.

Q2. Mr. Kripa Shankar wants to invest and trade in stock market. However he is completely unfamiliar how to go about it. He approaches you, a wealth advisor in the bank Mr. Kripa Shankar has his savings account, to seek guidance on:

i) Various modes through which he can participate in the stock market

ii) Category of instruments that he can invest in

iii) The basic formalities that he would need to complete (basic pre-requisites), in order to participate in the stock market.

Provide answer in detail to his queries mentioned in point (i), (ii) and (iii) above.

Q.3 ABC Corp. Limited is engaged in manufacturing garments in India since 1950. The company has been catering to the Indian market till now. As part of the company’s growth strategy, the company would like to extend the markets for its products to other countries. However, the company’s promoters lack awareness and expertise in understanding and managing the fluctuations related to foreign currency.

Mr. Jiwan Kumar, the CFO of the company, has been asked to make a presentation to the board specifying the following:

a. Key economic parameters/developments that influence the movements in foreign currency.

b. Options available with ABC Corp. to manage/mitigate the forex risks.

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Project Management

1. What are the various methods for selecting a project? Assume that you are the Managing Director of a manufacturing company that is currently challenged by low-cost competition. Come up with a list of criteria by which you would select and prioritize projects for your company.

2. Who are stakeholders in a project? Describe the responsibilities of each of the following: Directors of a project, project manager, consultants and steering committee with reference to any “metro rail project” in India.

3. Assume that you are the project manager for an “Indian railways new railway line” project and the project is in the finishing stage. But, it is apparent that one of the project’s deliverables will not be completed before the project is wrapped up.

a. Explain what options do you have as the project manager for the uncompleted deliverable?

b. Discuss how you can use P-D-C-A cycle to control and correct the project gap.

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International Finance

1. NIFTY of NSE touch 10,000 in August 2017, which external factors are responsible for this level? What are the different forms of investment by foreign investors in Indian market?

2. There is a tension between North Korea and USA, both the countries are in state of war. What will be the impacts of this event on foreign treasury of INDIA?

3. MUMBAI: In what could be a sign of things to come with gushing liquidity coupled with rising optimism about policy reforms in the country after the Rajya Sabha approval for bringing in the Goods & Services Act, the Reserve Bank of India intervened to temper the Indian’s Rupee’s appreciation versus the US dollar, said three currency dealers. Expectations are rising that global investors starved of returns from fixed income investments may raise their investments into the highest yielding emerging market as government’s actions provides them the comfort of prudent economic policies. “Depending on the global risk sentiment we could see fund flows into India continuing in the coming months,” said Brijen Puri, managing director, head of markets, JP Morgan (India). “It would be an opportunity for the RBI to shore up our dollar reserves, which could be used to moderate volatility in future” On Thursday, some state-owned banks were buying dollars in early trades on behalf of the central bank, when the rupee opened stronger by 15 paisa to the greenback. Later, it pared gains to close at 66.92, up 0.10 per cent from 66.99 on Wednesday. The rupee is now expected to trade in the range of 66.50-67.50 per dollar versus 67-68, seen a few weeks ago, dealers said. The implementation of GST from next fiscal, though could be inflationary in the short term, may add to the gross domestic product by as much as 2 percentage point. That coupled with better tax compliance and higher rates on services could bolster the government’s finances. The perennial fear of government’s fiscal being dodgy could also end. “Unanimous decision to amend the constitution to pave way for introduction of GST is a big positive and will renew optimism among foreign investors,” MS Gopikrishnan, head of FX, rates and credit trading at Standard Chartered Bank. “While the rupee market had largely priced in the amendment, higher inflows from overseas investors should help the rupee to appreciate.”

Source: Business World

Q3. A. One Tax One Nation – GST introduced by government in July 2017, explain its impact on the currency Indian currency value. What are the advantages and disadvantages of GST to exporter?

Q3. B. How GST will help India to increase foreign capital? Why it is said in paragraph “GST could be inflationary in short term”? How inflow of FOREX will increase due to GST?

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Strategic Financial Management

Q.1. Mr. Das is a CFO of ABC Ltd. The Company proposes to establish overseas subsidiaries in European countries to expand its business. However before any final decision, Mr. Das has to make detailed report on following points

(a) Tax implication exchange gain & loss and capital investment

(b) Incentive available for export business

(c) Other important tax related matters Prepare brief note on the above three (3) points.

Q.2. Action Investor LLP, is a Private Equity (PE) firm with 46% stake in OPS Ltd. Along with the stake, the PE firm also has a board seat and veto power on major financial decision of the Company. The performance of OPS Ltd is far below expectation over past two years & the PE firm believes that there is need to look at various restructuring steps. What are different types of restructuring that PE firm can propose in board meeting?

Q.3 a) SFL Ltd. is considering launching of new product to supplement its existing range of product. As per the projection done by the finance team, there will be initial capital investment of Rs. 70 lakhs in current year. After that the first year will need capital infusion of Rs. 1 Crs. Below are the after tax cash inflow projection:

Year 2: Rs. 25 lakhs

Year 3: Rs. 30 lakhs

Year 4: Rs. 35 lakhs

From 5th year onwards the cash inflow will be Rs. 40 lakhs through out till end of 10th year.

The Company expects the new product shelf life to be of 10 years.

Assuming 15% discount rate what will be the NPV of this new project. Based on your NPV calculation, whether launching of this new product line is acceptable or not?

Q.3. b) MNP Ltd has recorded earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of Rs. 50 Crs for FY17. The Company has outstanding debt of Rs. 10 Crs and pays 10% interest on its debt. Applicable tax rate for the Company is 30%. What is the valuation of MNP Ltd if the expected return on its equity shares is at 18%?

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Employee Development and Talent management

Q.1) ABC Ltd is a small business organization into plastic manufacturing. The environment of the company is such where there is a limited scope for employee training and development. Due to this, turnover rate of the company is very high. You are appointed as a consultant to ABC Ltd. Suggest a model to link business strategy and HRD.

Q.2) XYZ Ltd has decided to implement employee development program at their institution. The HR Manager has built the long term and short term plans for the employee development program. Company, now, has decided to seek your assistance to take the process implementation further as they need to ensure that the process is implemented as per the expert advice. What will you suggest as the next step?

Q.3) You are an HR Manager of a leading telecommunication hardware company. Your ace product is an 8000 Rs Smartphone. Your company is planning widespread domestic expansion. For this, you have recruited new 100 employees. Considering the above facts, answer the following questions

a) Suggest few on the job training methods

b) Suggest few off the job training methods

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HR Audit

Q.1. Assume you to be HR Manager of Merwick Lynda Automobile Ltd. In order to develop and retain your employees and yield benefits for the organization, explain the HR practices you will follow.

Q.2. You have been hired as an HR Auditor to identify the key functional areas that have an effect on the HR policies and procedures that are practiced in the organization. Prepare the draft.

Q.3. Walter D’Souza, HR Manager at Xylo Inc. was charged with discrimination in hiring, pay and appraisal practices. Many departments were planning to file suits against Walter, for his unethical, judgmental and bias behavior. The Company wanted to know if its HR practices in the areas of selection and promotion are at risk and wondered if there were unseen flaws that could make Walter free from charges. To address its concerns, the company appointed you to conduct a HR process audit.

a) You have to evaluate recruitment and selection process.

b) Identify the gaps in performance appraisal system.

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International HR Practices

Q.1) You are an HR Manager at ABC Ltd. Your company is planning international expansion and you are asked to identify issues and challenges for International Human Resource Management so that the same can be addressed.

Q.2) You are HR Director of XYZ Ltd operating in automobile sector (Two Wheeler segment) Your company is planning to set up the manufacturing unit in China. Before acquiring talent, what will you do?

Q.3) A team of 20 employees is leaving for South Africa next month to work in the first international branch of your bank. You are an HR Manager of the bank. Answer following questions in this context

a) Design a pre departure training program

b) Training on job related factors

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Strategic HRM

Q 1. A reputed car manufacturer in India in its recent past had faced a Labor Unrest. Of the many issues that the workers demanded included the renegotiation of the 3-year wage settlement, withdrawal of the new automated sorter and stacker for the warehouse, regularizing the employment of 1500 contract and casual labor employed in the factory and reinstatement of the 23 workers who were fired recently on various grounds of misconduct.

Given the details in the preceding paragraph, discuss the strategic issues related with the case and detail the various approach that the management can take to ensure smooth daily business.

Q 2. “Retails” a giant Brick and Mortar retail company is currently experiencing a major challenge at the market place from a giant multinational e-commerce company. The Top Management leadership, as part of its Business level strategy to increase revenue and footfall has taken a cost optimization approach. You are the Head of HR, discuss your options and plans for arriving at a Business Level Strategy and its implementation.

Q 3. Trail Logistics is a growing SCM company. The Business is such that not just the movement of goods, but the customer experience is of paramount importance.

a. As part of the employee motivation career development initiative was to be leveraged to infuse motivation. Discuss the approach.

b. Discuss the strategic issues of Success Planning.

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International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

1. Suggest the taxonomy for a three-dimensional classification for global supply chain. Identify the issues that affect the operations and strategy of a global logistics firm say DHL or TNT and recommend ways to handle such issues.

2. As a General Manager – Supply Chain Management of a leading domestic garment manufacturing firm, you have proposed the option of exploring international procurement for the first ever time for your company. Suggest the various components of your proposal.

3. Based on your recommendation, the Board of the garment company has decided to go ahead and place trial order with an international supplier whom you have recommended.

a. Enlist the constituents of the import / export sales contract.

b. Suggest a warehousing management plan.

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B2B Marketing

Q.1. SVC is a leading brand in the B2B category in the air freshening business in the hotel industry in Mumbai. As a Marketing Manager, suggest a suitable CRM strategy with the objective of stimulating the association with the customers.

Q.2. A B2B Company in the business of marketing & selling LCD projectors to corporate, wants to enter in to selling their projectors to educational institutes. Suggest a suitable pricing strategy.

Q.3 Read the following Case & solve the questions given:

VK Industries has ventured into manufacturing of bearings required in automobile industry. It is planning to approach automobile companies for the bearings required as a component in the manufacturing in the automobile sector. As a Marketing Manager of VK enterprise, you are required to:

a. Suggest a suitable Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Strategy for the bearings.

b. As a new entrant, suggest suitable Strategies to create reasonable awareness for VK industries.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

1. How will you use the sales technique in the form of short term effort to increase the sales in your cake shop?

2. What form of trade shows do you suggest for a tile company and how should they go about differentiating themselves from the competitors?

3. Case Study

Renaults Kwid skids on volume

The French car, one of the most successful small cars in recent years and the growth engine for French carmaker Famous in France, appears to be losing speed, at least in volumes. The numbers sold by the company (to dealers) hit an eight-month low at 6,924 units in January after peaking to 10,719 units in August 2016. Volumes have been less than 8,800 for three consecutive months since November.

Launched in September 2015, the unconventional sports utility vehicle-styled entry segment aggressively priced car shot to success, attracting thousands of buyers instantly. A consequent waiting period, running into several months, prompted the company to ramp up production. Eyeing more market share, The French car maker also decided to expand its sales and service network.

Seen as a challenger to the Japanese entry-level vehicle Which is the basic car (the most sold car in the country), The French car started figuring among the top 10 most sold domestic passenger vehicles since June last year. However, the rank slipped from fifth in June to ninth in December and it did not figure in the list last month when 6,924 units were sold.

The French car maker, however, says that their car numbers are growing according to plan. “In India Q4 sales are impacted by seasonal trends wherein sales tend to dry. The same can be seen in the mini segment. We have communicated our targets or their car between 8,000 to 10,000 units per month and we are on track with this” said a spokesperson.

The cars early success is evident from 50,000 bookings within only about a month of launch. The company announced in March 2016 that bookings hit another milestone of 100,000 units. Yet another milestone of 150,000 booking was made public in July 2016. When the French car maker expanded this basic car range with the launch of 1-litre engine in August last year. It said cumulative bookings of this car stood at 165,000 vehicles. However, there has been no further update on booking numbers. The spokesperson did not answer the specific query on cumulative bookings till date. The French car maker announced last week it had sold 130,000 of this car since the launch but did not talk about bookings.

Volumes sold by the company hit and eight-month low of 6,900 in January. After hitting a high of 10,000 units around August-September, the number looks under pressure since November. Pace of new bookings are also subdued unlike in the initial few months. The company last announced in July 2016 bookings has hit 150,000 units. There was no update since then. The basic Japanese entry car made by the Japanese company in India which is most sold small car, has seen gradual pick up of volumes and 22,000 units were sold in January.

The spokesperson did not give any reason for the decline in January volumes but said while the mini car industry grew 15.1 per cent in January 2017, for the French car, the growth was 15.7 per cent. “So clearly, we are above the industry trend.” The company said February volumes were good and it was confident of retaining the volume levels hit in Q1 of calendar year 2016.

The small car market, dominated by Japanese car, has seen another entrant, Entry car from Indian manufacturer. The Indian car manufactures by the well known Indian conglomerate clocks an average monthly volume of 4,600 units. An analyst said that some impact on the French car might have come from the entry of that new car from Indian manufacturer (launched in April last year). “Both the French car and the Indian car appeal to the same set of buyers.” He said.

The French car begins at price of Rs. 2.65 lakh while the Indian car entry level model comes for Rs. 3.24 lakh.

Data Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Dec-16 Jan-17


9549 9879 10719 10558 9801 7847 8797 6924

e Car

15750 19844 20919 27750 18854 23320 17351 22998

a. Looking at the stastics in the chart how will you plan to boost up the sales of the “French car” in the competition that is coming from Japanese and Indian car manufacturer? What is your strategy to retain and grow your market share?

b. What kind of sales promotion activities would you do to increase the sales of the “French Car”? What should The French car manufacturer do to differentiate their car from their competitors?

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Marketing Research

Q.1. Define sampling. Discuss in brief the various sampling methods employed by Research firms to conduct any Research/ Survey with reference to a survey conducted to study the feasibility to open a new restaurant in a residential area of metro city.

Q2. With reference to a Clothing & apparel company define and discuss the various avenues the company has for conducting and Advertising research campaign to market its products. Give your views on the relevance as concluding remarks.

Q3. A corporate catering services in north India, would like to start its catering services in South Mumbai. If you have been hired to carry out marketing research activities for the organisation, give your views/ suggestions/ report for the following:

a) Design a brief questionnaire for the research. Discuss the importance of the questionnaire in a research process.

b) How would you collect primary & secondary data and give the relevance of the same.

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Services Marketing

Q.1 As a Marketing Manager of an upcoming private sector Bank, you are required to plan the 7 P’s of Services Marketing.

Q.2 Prepare a questionnaire for Imagica focus on customers perception on the services offered & the quality of service offered.

Q.3 Read the following Case & solve the questions given:

Crossword is one of the most well know retail book-store in the country. It has around 40,000 titles at any given point of time. In order to enhance customer experience it focuses on physical evidence & innovative promotional activities like:

  • The store conducts activities like ‘Pictionary’ contests & annual fair with Santaclaus aimed at making the place reader friendly
  • It offers coffee & people can browse through books with music playing soothingly in the background.
  • Various promotional activities are offered to loyal customers.
  • Books & shelves are placed & arranged in a manner to suit customer needs comfort & preferences.
  • Crossword is constantly striving to introduce something new & innovative in order to encourage the customers to frequent the store more often.


a. Explain the importance of physical evidence to enhance the service experience & give your suggestion for the same.

b. What are the promotional tools that can be used by crossword to increase its customer base?

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Global Retailing

1. As a Retail Marketing Consultant to Danone Dairy Corporation, you are expected to prepare a report explaining all major issues that a firm planning to enter any overseas market needs to consider.

2. Mr. Shah of Digiworks, USA is looking to develop and operate a local Online Food – ordering App, like foodpanda.com and swiggy.com what research considerations would you tell your International Market Research Agency to work upon?

3. E-Commerce portals like Amazon.in are now offering Grocery Shopping as a Category too, which increases their operations, but also expands their consumer base.

a. How will information technology benefit the consumers but also be risky for them?

b. What are the advantages of information technology that Amazon.in can use to improve its operations?

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International Banking and Foreign Exchange Management

1. RBI allows 100% FDI in regulated financial services in October 2016. What are the impacts of this move on Indian economy? Will it help for financial inclusion?

2. Mr. Mahesh Singh is an Indian presently working in Canada, his parents are staying in Delhi he want to transfer Rs.25,000 per month to his parents regularly. Suggest him various way to do so. What are the different types of Bank Account he can open in Indian Bank located in India? Explain in detail.

3. MUMBAI, MAY 19: Consumers of financial services such as banking and insurance are unlikely to be affected despite the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council fixing the GST rate higher at 18 per cent. Some tax experts believe that the input credits that service providers will get under GST will be passed on to consumers, thereby offsetting the higher GST rate. Currently, financial services are taxed at 15 per cent. S Ravi, Practising Chartered Accountant, said, “Though the GST is pegged at 18 per cent, financial service providers will get the benefit of input credits. In service tax. the input credits are limited. So, under the GST regime, there will be an element of balancing that will happen and the end consumer will not be impacted.”Input (tax) credit allows a service provider to lower the tax its owes the government by allowing it to claim a credit on what it has paid on inputs. The impact of GST will be neutral in the short-run, Ravi said, adding that in the medium to long run, it will be beneficial to entities in the financial services sector as well as their customers. Bank of Baroda Executive Director Mayank Mehta said, “We floated an RFP (request for proposal) to engage a consultant to help us (with GST implementation). I don’t think it (GST) will have any impact on the customer…”

More for forex conversion

Sachin Menon, National Head, Indirect Tax, KPMG in India said NRIs may end up paying more on foreign exchange conversion.“The maximum GST charges on conversion of foreign currency have gone up from ₹7,000 to ₹60,000. This can hurt NRIs, especially those working in Gulf countries, who earns low wages and make remittances to their families,” he said. Banks are also up against challenges such as multiple registrations and multiple transactions across States, dealing with transaction-wise invoice, and issues relating to valuation on services from certain centralised services like IT and call centres. But a majority of the financial services players said the negative impact would only be in the short term.

Mohit Sahney, Founder at Finova Capital, said, “Since financial services form the backbone of growth in the economy, the government should have kept it at the previous rate of 15 per cent. However, given the fact that GST is going to boost the entire economy, the slightly increased cost will nullify in the medium to long run.” Rishi Gupta, MD & CEO, Fino Paytech, a payments company and a future payments bank, said there will be increase in compliance requirements at bank branches. “This is a challenge that banks need to gear up to, including the impact on cost of services to the customers,” he added.

SOURCE: Business Line

a. What are the challenges for the Banking Industry due to GST?

b. How Bank earns money in Forex transactions? What will be the impact on income due to GST? How they can increase their income even after GST?


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Retail Store Operation and Inventory Management

1. From a proprietorship Mobile Handset street shop you are upgrading your business to a branded Electronics Store (like Croma) with an Authorised Service Centre (Multiple brands) too. Explain how you will plan the Inventory Management of such a store.

2. The implementation of strategy requires retail managers to be aware of the financial implications of their decisions. In the capacity of a Category Manager for the branded Electronics store (like Croma) and based on the various ratios commonly used to assess financial performance, how would you go about improving each of the ratios, so that overall financial performance improves?

3. The advent and penetration of digitization has speeded the making of all retail outlets extremely efficient. (Name the retail store of your choice to answer the questions).

a. Which data-driven functions (like Inventory, Accounts etc.) has digitization impacted the most and how?

b. How has the various security tools and techniques impacted various jobs like Administrative Head, Cashier, Store Staff etc.) been enhanced by digitization?


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Advanced Supply Chain Management

1. For most organizations, the main target of supply chain management is to realize and neutralize the uncertainties in their supply chains. Discuss what you mean by “uncertainty in a supply chain”. Select any organization of your choice, study and explain in detail how they are dealing with supply chain uncertainties. Also, discuss what you infer from the study.

2. What are the various aggregate planning strategies followed by organizations. Select any manufacturing organization and discuss its aggregate planning strategy.

3. Because of global competition, demand is no longer certain for any business. The overall environment today is dynamic, firms are increasingly realizing that understanding demand, planning demand and linking supply with demand pays. At the same time, if the supply chain forecast is wrong, the consequences will be felt throughout the entire supply chain.

This is why forecasting has assumed a significant importance, and more and more supply chain managers are looking to forecasting to reduce operational costs. Despite significant developments in the area of supply chain forecasting as well as IT, most organizations do a poor job of incorporating demand uncertainty into their production planning processes. Most often this is blamed on forecasting without realizing the importance of selecting the appropriate forecasting technique.

Forecasting methods works efficiently when business driven variability are traced and then factored into forecast. Finally, it should be remembered that forecasting is an integrated exercise in which all levels of the supply chain are involved and are willing to share information which helps in increasing demand visibility within organizations as well increase the performance of forecast.

Source: Rakesh Singh, “Demand forecasting in a supply chain”, Business Standard, August 18, 2014

a. Explain the meaning of demand forecasting and discuss its role in supply chain management.

b. Using suitable examples discuss the difference between qualitative and quantitative methods for forecasting. In your opinion which one is the better method for forecasting?

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Decision Analysis & Modeling

1. Even though there are many auto rickshaw manufactures, two companies Bajaj and M&M, control the market in Maharashtra. If both the companies make similar design changes in their auto rickshaws in a year, their market shares will remain unchanged. Similarly if neither of them goes for any changes, then also their market shares will remain constant. But if incase one company goes for a design change and other doesn’t then the market shares are going to change, the payoff matrix for increase or decrease in market share under different possible scenarios is given below:

M&M No changes Small changes Major Changes
No changes 0 -4 -10
Small changes 3 0 5
Major Changes 8 1 0

Find the value of the game. What changes should M&M consider if this information is only available to it?

2. Using suitable examples discuss the difference between simple linear regression and logistic regression.

3. To assemble a “Drone”, Mukesh has laid out the seven major activities involved. The activities are labeled as A through G in the following table, which also shows their various completion times (in Hrs) and immediate predecessor of each activity.

Activity Most optimistic


Most likely time Most pessimistic time immediate


A 1 2 3
B 2 3 4
C 4 5 6 A
D 8 9 10 B
E 2 5 8 C,D
F 4 5 6 D
G 1 2 3 E

a. Determine the expected time and variance for each activity.

b. Determine the critical path for the project. What is the probability of completing the project in less than 25 hours?


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World Class Operations

Q.1. Explain in brief what are various the types of benchmarking. Discuss the concept of benchmarking with reference to a benchmark product/s or company in the automobile industry. Why do you think that it is the benchmark in the industry?

Q.2. Discuss in brief the various technique to achieve World Class Operations. Also discuss how can the concepts of Kaizen, Use of I.T., Optimum product mix, etc be applicable and implemented in an Educational institute for the institute to be World class. Discuss with an example if any possible.

Q.3. Indian Railways is a name synonymous to an operational activity at a large scale. Give your views on the following aspects of Indian railways

a) There have been several instances & reports of problems faced by customers during booking of tickets through its online What should Indian railways do to make this system world class?

b) Discuss the concept of DMAIC with reference to any one aspect (Food served/ hospitality/ safety, etc) of Indian Railway.


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Financial Accounting

Q1. The following is the Trial Balance as on 31st March 2017 prepared by GSA Ltd. (Rs. in crores)

Particulars   Debit (Rs.) Credit (Rs.)
Capital 6,000
Drawings 1,000
Cash on hand 50
Cash at bank 1,250
Sales 10,000
Purchases 4,000
Loan taken on mortgage 1,000
Patents 500
Land & building 3,000
Creditors 500
Advertisement 5,000
Debtors 1,800
Rates & taxes 40
Insurance 150
Carriage inwards 260
Carriage outwards 250
Legal expenses 200
Total 17,500 17,500

However the auditors of GSA Ltd. did not approve of this trial balance. You are required to rectify and prepare the new trial balance. Justify your answer as to which errors can be detected through the trial balance.

Q2. Classify the following into revenue, capital and deferred revenue expenditure and interpret your results:

  1. Amortisation of Patents
  2. Goodwill of another business acquired
  3. Underwriting commission paid in a public issue of company’s shares
  4. Loss on sale of Plant and Machinery
  5. Cost of market research of a new product
  6. Purchase of second-hand laptops for office use

Q3. Following are the balance sheets of Suzuki Ltd. & Honda Ltd. as on 31st March 2017 together with the additional information for the year ended on that date:

Liabilities Suzuki Ltd. Honda Ltd. Assets Suzuki Ltd. Honda Ltd.
Equity Share Capital 20,00,000 3050000 Goodwill 3,00,000 4,00,000
Reserves 50,500 60,000 Furniture 3,20,000 2,40,000
Profit & Loss A/c 12,250 102200 Plant & Machinery 6,59,000 7,29,000
9% Debentures 3,50,000 250000 Office premises 10,27,000 19,00,000
Bank overdraft 11,250 14,800 Stock 66,000 93,000
Sundry Creditors 36,000 58,000 Debtors 85,000 1,75,000
Provision for tax 20,000 15,000 Miscellaneous Expenses 23,000 13,000
24,80,000 35,50,000 24,80,000 35,50,000

 Additional Information (Extract of Profit & Loss A/c)

Particulars Suzuki Ltd. Honda Ltd.
Sales for the year 8,40,000 10,50,000
Stock on 31st March 2016 60,000 1,07,000
Gross Profit 2,10,000 2,50,000
Administrative expenses 55,000 65,000
Selling expenses 23,000 58,000
Net profit (after tax) 85,000 87,000

Market price of Suzuki Ltd. Rs. 23 per share and Honda Rs. 28 per share. Dividend paid by Suzuki Ltd. 9.5% p.a. and Honda is 9.8% p.a.

A) Compute any three relevant ratios and comment upon the solvency and financial stability of the two companies.

B) Which company would you recommend for investment? (Support your answers with the computation of any three relevant ratios).

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Human Resource Management

Q 1. Assume that you have joined in as an HR Manager for CELLULAR IT, a 7 year old computer software development company. In a highly competitive market and with social media interactions at its peak, explain the factors which would affect the hiring process, highlight the same with regards to the changes that are being driven in the job market due to the increase of social networking. Also suggest a plan to tackle these.

Q 2. ARJAI Containers is an Indian MNC involved in the transport of large size cargo across the globe via road and sea routes. This company plans to set up new branch offices at Dubai and Singapore. As the Head of HR, what should be your role in the expansion plan of the company? List out the objectives of planning to your subordinates explaining why HR plays an important role at this stage. Give directives for an effective HR Planning process.

Q 3. ‘Flora Travels’ is a travel and tours operator. Karan has been promoted from Assistant Manager HR to Manager Training and Development. He is required to analyze if the current training process is effective or not. He is also required to suggest alternative training processes to the management of ‘Flora Travels’.

a. Explain how Karan needs to proceed in order to identify the training requirement of the company personnel.

b. With reference to the role that Karan will now be playing, discuss the statement t –Karan is a ‘catalyst’ or a ‘change agent’ in the organisation?

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Introduction to Management

1. Mr. Gopura owns a medium sized steel company. He has been managing very well. His performance appraisals are conducted through MBO method. He has staff working with him for years and seem to be very satisfied. However, since he is handling a lot of responsibilities all alone being a proprietor and cannot look into everyday things as much he would like to. Lot of his time goes into administrative responsibilities hence he decided to plan for Long Range Planning. Help Mr. Gopura to work out proper steps towards LRP.

2. Disha plastics is a small sized firm run by a small family. Mr. Gokhale and his son Saurabh are running the firm as partners. As management members of the company, both of them are very satisfied with the progress and also keep their employees satisfied and happy. The satisfaction of their employees is evident from their performances. However, Saurabh thinks, that the staff needs to be more accountable and more independent into taking decisions. So he decides to apply MBO technique on the managerial staff as a trial. In light of this case, please list down process of MBO in detail.

3. Inamdar Marbles is into exports of marble sheets and related products. The company has 350 employees spread over 4 locations. While the company is in the phase of expansion, they are planning to mobilise some staff across locations along with new recruitment. For the same reason, they have to go through the process of job analysis in order to work on the effective fitment for positions. Based on this case, answer the following questions.

a. What is the purpose of job analysis apart from fitment of the candidates? Explain in detail.

b. Explain the concepts of Job description and Job specifications in relation with job analysis.

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Advances and Credits

1. “Banks have been given the freedom to formulate their own lending norms keeping in view ground realities”. As a banker mention the Criteria for Assessing the SHG for Financing.

2. Working capital plays a very important role in any businesses. Keeping in mind the significance of the working capital, as a banker mention the steps for assessing the reasonableness of borrower’s projection.

3. A) You are newly appointed as the credit risk manager in a reputed bank. As a responsible manager what all factors you will consider before making or recommending advances.

3. B) Also you need to know well on the fair practice code followed in the bank. Write a short note on it.


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Financial Analysis and Management

1. From the following details prepare and mention the relevance of comparative income statement.

2016 2017
Sales 150,000 175,000
Cost of Goods Sold -90,000 -105,000
60,000 70,000
Indirect Expenses -30,000 -45,000
30,000 25,000
Provision for tax -8,000 -12,000
Net Profit 22,000 13,000

2. Following information is pertaining to Alpha Ltd. Estimate Net Working Capital. Calculate Net Working Capital and interpret the result.

Raw Material Cost per unit                                                                 300

Direct Labor Cost per unit                                                                  100

Overheads (excluding depreciation) Cost per unit                         200

Total Cost                                                                                                600

Selling Price per unit                                                                            900

Output (Production) per annum                                                      50000 units

Raw material in stock                                                                         Average 4 weeks

Work in Progress(assuming 50% completion stage with            Average 2 weeks

100% material consumption)

Finished goods in stock                                                                     Average 4 weeks

Credit Allowed by suppliers                                                              Average 4 weeks

Credit Allowed to Debtors                                                                 Average 8 weeks

Cash at bank is expected to be                                                          75,000

Assume 52 weeks in year and even production throughout a year. Assume all sales as credit sales.

3. The Balance Sheet is as follows:

Balance Sheet

Liabilities  Amount  Assets  Amount
Equity Share Capital 100,000  Fixed Assets 1,75,000
12% Debentures 84,000 Current Assets 75,000
Reserves 16,000
Current Liabilities 50,000
250,000 250,000

Net Sales during the year is Rs 5, 00,000. Calculate and interpret the result of:

(a) Total Capital Turnover Ratio

(b) Working Capital Turnover Ratio

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