International Business June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

International Business

1. ABC Company is a solution provider for the market entrants. Your client XYZ wants to introduce his product in the market. As a Service provider analyse the various forces of Micro Environment so that it could help his client to identify all possible threats and opportunities in the market.

2. The five forces Model by Porter is a vital tool for analysing the industry in which it operates. You are required to analyse how it has aimed to examine the five key forces of competition in case of Apple Inc., American multinational Technology giant.

3. A) You are working in a reputed market Research Company. You are asked by your senior to prepare a short presentation for your clients explaining them the importance of Market research in today’s Era and also how the company will help the Client to have a better Business Opportunity.

3. B) Enumerate the various steps/Process to effective Market Research that can be carried out for an Organisation.

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