Organisation Culture June 2018 Assignment

03 Apr

Organisation Culture

1. ABC Ltd, a medium sized IT firm, has hired you as a consultant to help the company correctly understand the cultural patterns in the organization. Before this, there was no attempt made to look at the culture of the organization. You decide to use Hofstede’s model of organizational culture to make the company understand cultural patterns. In this background, explain Hofstede’s model.

2. Consider the following two characteristics of XYZ Ltd, an online retail start up.

  • Promoters don’t have proper awareness of firm’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Promoters are not aware of opportunities and threats

Based on the above characteristics, identify the type of culture that XYZ has and then point out other characteristics of the same type.

3. In the fresh recruitment drive, 25 new employees have joined your organization which is a medium sized textiles manufacturing firm. One of the tasks on your hands is to make these fresh employees well aware of present organizational culture. Explain how will you use following ways to make these new employees learn the organizational culture?

a) Stories

b) Material symbols

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